Mondo Ray / Press

“Mondo's blues renditions range from the fiery passionate to the twangy "Something Sweet" to lullaby smooth as in "Just Blues". Whenever he plays, you can bet it comes from his heart and from what he is experiencing in his life. His love of playing music shines through in everything he does, as if music were the source of his every heartbeat. I love listening to Mondo Ray !!!”

Frank Lockwood

“One of the most Amazing Musicians ive ever seen! Hes going places! catch him while you can!”

Blues Fan

“Multi-Talented !!! Mondo really feels what he's playing”

Kelley Loper (Guitar/vocals Badlandz) - kennewick,washington

“I love mondos style of music, it is uplifting and makes me want to dance. I love music that makes me want to dance. He has a really good style and brings it forth to us viewers and fans with such heart, and dedication, I just love to listen to his music. listen sometime it is really good, guys!!”

Angel new - Elmer city,washington

“I had the pleasure to sit back and thoroughly enjoy and watch this man play a guitar I was left speechless Mr smooth and self is what I was calling him and everyone else watching was in awe please take the time to sit back and listen to this guy's music absolutely unreal and guess what folks he is from Northwest...... Mondo Ray you rock man Vaughn Jensen thanks for giving me the opportunity to listen to this guy, you guys together kicked butt.”

Ryan Wilson--Tri Cities,washington

“I know some excellent musicians ~ Mondo's one of the best AND one of the youngest and most talented guitar players I have had the honour of meeting! GO MONDO !!! Livin' the DREAM !!”

Dawn Allani Fitch-Tri Citys,Washingtom 2/2014

“I had the pleasure of watching Mondo on tour with the Seth Freeman band in Lafayette, Louisiana on 5/10/2013 @ The Tap Room. What a treat! Mondo worked his mojo playing a focused and tight mix of blues and rock, two genres he crosses with ease. Whether he was backing Seth up or having fun jamming with other musicians who played as well, you can tell that Mondo takes great pleasure in making music. Check him out on youtube.com/arc890 you will enjoy what you hear. ”

Dianne Smith Hebert, Lafayette, Louisiana. - 2013