Mondo Drag / Press

"Mondo Drag may be dwelling in the genre ghetto of ‘70s psych/hard rock revivalism, but damned if they don’t do it well."

"With swirling Hammond organ and layers upon layers of mammoth, down-tuned guitars, the band drives fire-breathing, slow-burning jams combining the earthy, raw garage of the 13th Floor Elevators, the motorik headtrips of CAN, and decadent southern metal."

“Mondo Drag has more of a diverse sound than many of their peers and they really layer the instruments well. While their sound is easily classified under psychedelic rock, there is a larger range of sounds covered here than the average band in this style.”

"Mondo Drag evoked the heavy riffs of Black Sabbath as well as the intricate melodies of prog-rock purveyors such as Camel. The recent Alive Records signees turned in a performance that, while heavily influenced by their forebearers, suggested a proficiency that stretched beyond their chosen genre."

“I’m sure a lot of folks consider California to be the physical and spiritual home of psychedelic rock, but let’s face it: often the best mind-trippers come from places with no glittering array of city lights, stars (of every type) and constant activity to distract them.”

“Mondo Drag seems to always have us out in a hot and hungry desert, stripped of our sanity, drained of our better senses and swirling in a purple-y groove, just trying to start seeing straight again.”

"The music is a dense wall of a conglomeration of psychedelic and space rock. At its most effective, with the Hammond blazing away, it sounds like a cross between Deep Purple, Hawkwind and Spirit."

“Davenport, Iowa's Mondo Drag are proof that good bands — and records — can germinate in the most oddball of surroundings.”

“Mondo Drag is one of the top bands to emerge from this new wave of psychedelic rock. All tracks really stand out and it's something most people will enjoy on first listen.”

"Mondo Drag does what it does quite well."

“This one's worth picking up and listening to over and over and over... Forget the top 10, this one's a lock for top five of 2010.”

“Deep from the interstellar space of a Pink Floydesk planet...a spaceship called MONDO DRAG lands on the earth.”

"With minds expanded and set to the key of retro...the high toned Mondo Drag emerge bearing psychedelic sweets that seem to melt as soon as they hit your tongue."

"Mondo Drag’s New Rituals brings together spacious 1970’s jams with a punk rock aggression, giving it a contemporary appeal."

"Mondo Drag’s latest foray into extended psychedelic, wandering jams that go on for days and days is just as good as anything this band has ever done. Each song stretches, cries, screams, and tears itself apart."

"Mondo Drag is one of those unique bands that has a somewhat retro-feel, but has both of their feet firmly planted in the here and now."

"Mondo Drag['s] songs shift and change too fast to let the listener get too cozy. And yes this is a good thing. Mondo Drag...seem to be leading the charge for a resurgence of psychedelic rock."

"...rich, powerful psychedelic rock sounds."