Mo' Mojo / Press

"Finally! is a studio CD that accomplishes the feats of not only capturing the talents of an all-star team of Northeast Ohio musicians, but also reflecting the personality of a dynamic live band whose shows are known as being full-fledged experiences. To longtime fans who have hoped for a Mo’ Mojo CD, as well as to those who are just beginning to learn about the band, Finally! has, indeed, been worth the wait."

"Their first release, Finally!, finds the band in the studio but manages to capture the right energy with live recordings and minimal overdubs. Fundamentally, zydeco is dance music, and there’s a good-time groove that winds through this set. Billing themselves as a zydeco jam band, Mo’ Mojo blends pure zydeco and Cajun tunes with layered instrumental breaks that give everyone a chance for a solo."

"For a set that rivaled a concert length of nearly 2 hours, they dished out flavorful spiced takes on memorable selections that are better experienced than one could ever describe. Do yourself and a woman of your choice a favor and catch these infectious groove harvesters somewhere this summer, because this band is made for the great outdoors as they blow the roof off. Mo' Fun for Everyone. A REAL Pleasure that you can take away with you now, with their first CD. On your day of rest, Jen isn't."