Molly Sue Gonzalez / Press

“Gonzalez’s voice is indeed very powerful. Her rich, strong voice powers through each song like they were written for her. And yet, she manages that power exceptionally well and evokes emotions that stretch beyond the power and into the subtle. Gonzalez’s influences are quite clear on this record. The CD includes three songs that you’ll probably recognize as having been done by Wanda Jackson and although Gonzalez sings with a richer voice than the Queen’s, she does a nice job of evoking Jackson with growls that Jackson would be proud of. Patsy Cline is clearly also represented here and there are times when Molly Sue sounds very much like the amazing Cline. But again, she’s not just mimicking these great singers. Instead, she’s honoring them by taking elements of their styles and working them into a style that becomes all her own.”