Molly Conley / Press

"Gorgeous, heartbreaking yet upbeat songs of alcoholism and lost love. Molly's vocals are aching and tender and just plain beautiful.In all, a sterling effort from a band destined for further recognition. Send 'em over to Australia! (AC)" -- COW PUNK QUARTERLY

Cow Punk Quarterly

"Together and separately, they demolish any reservations one might have about their background, with strong songs, melodies, arrangements and delivery, Conley providing the special edge that makes this really exceptional." John Conquest -- 3RD COAST MUSIC

John Conquest - 3rd Coast Music

"Whoever said hard country was dead hadn't heard PHT. Their songs evoke not even the '70s, but the rough-edged music of the '60s, including some of the best Parton-Wagoner duets. Molly Conley has a wonderfully strong voice -- not someone you'd mess with -- and she's also a consistently good writer." Chris Nickson -- ALL MUSIC GUIDE

Chris Nickson - All Music Guide

"The sound on their debut CD combines the traditions of rhythm-driven honky-tonk with acoustic Appalachian flavorings, in the process sounding vintage and original at the same time. There's a lot of whiskey-flavored venom in the lyrics, offset largely by Conley's sweet voice on the ballads." Buzz McClain -- NO DEPRESSION

Buzz McClain - No Depression

"It becomes quickly apparent that Conley herself is quite a find, with a stone country delivery a...nd an endearing vocal catch that comes off like a mutant hybrid of Lucinda Williams and Tammy Wynette." Rhett Akins -- BILLBOARD MAGAZINE