Moksha / Press

“Moksha has indeed produced a masterpiece that deserves a permanent spot in your music collection.”

“I consider ‘Here to Go” to be a classic and a serious contender for HGMN’s 2011 studio album of the year. If HGMN were to have a list of the top 10 albums dating back since 1995, ‘Here to Go’ should be on that list.”

“Moksha combine jam band sounds with fusion, space rock and progressive rock to create a sound that’s just plain impressive. They change things up enough from track to track to prevent it from ever feeling repetitive or old. While not everything here fits under the heading of progressive rock, there’s enough prog here to fit them under that category. Whatever you call it, though, it rocks.”

“The musicianship is excellent throughout, combining rock rhythms and excellent guitar with jazzy sounds and percussion. It's as if the bands Chicago and Steely Dan began grooving with maybe King Crimson. Imagine Pink Floyd or Crimson with a backing horn section.”

“They're a blue-collar bunch, spending every day of the week either rehearsing or engaged in band-related busy work, reaching out to promoters, radio stations and music publications, working their music with the fervor of a politician perpetually out on the campaign stump.”

"Mammal or Machine" is a sweat-slicked snapshot of a band in perpetual transition: See 'em live nowadays, and Moksha has already pushed past the bounds of their excellent debut with singer Sam Lemos, who appears on but one track here, now more of a presence in the group. For all the heart-palpitating horns and wrist-spraining organ freakouts, Moksha's jams are well constructed and never wankery, meaning you don't have to have logged any time playing hacky sack in a Phish parking lot to dig this one.

"Arrival", "The Seed", "Measure of All Things", "Starswarm", oh heck, it's all good! This album is full of dramatic and moving moments. A great, diverse sound for a band. The guitar solos are amazing. Very entertaining and one of the most diverse musical experiences I have had this year within one album.

“Their funk-filled jam band style captivated the audience and had them dancing and grooving well into the wee hours of the morning.”

“The atmosphere felt more like a family barbeque than a concert, with hundreds of Las Vegas locals sharing their “I knew them when…” stories in between hugs and cocktails.”