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“Soulful and authentic, but with appropriate tongue-in-cheek humor interspersed. Highly recommended! translated from.... uh, Flemish? or Dutch.”

“from straight ahead rock 'n roll to demented and dirty country blues to what could almost pass as modern country but is too damn good to be called that. I mean, sheee-ittt! What rock did these guys crawl out from under? ...when they play, it seems effortless--- like it is instinct--- the rhythms and chords a cauldron of good (and sometimes eerie) vibes.”

“The 13 songs that comprise “Blessings & Curses” express a decade’s worth of political and personal frustrations over insistent rhythms throbbing with blues, rock, psychedelia, country rock and zydeco. The blessings include the evocative folk-blues of “Baton Rouge” and metaphorical ballad “The Mockingbird Song,” dedicated to “the sirens in the City of the Angels.” Curses revolve around political and spiritual corruption, and what the Texas-raised Raven calls “America’s appetite for stuff, just ridiculous consumer mentality.”   There’s plenty of chewy lyrical meat, but it’s their elastic rhythms that get dancers jumping. Raven’s hopeful Mojo Monkeys shows will be more frequent now. ”

Bliss Bowen - Pasadena Weekly

“Rock-and-roll bands like the Mojo Monkeys are few and far between these days – versatile, soulful, and clever, both musically and lyrically.”

JH - hit list

"Rock and roll bands like the Mojo Monkeys are few and far between these days - versatile, soulful, and clever, both musically and lyrically." - JH, Vintage Guitar Magazine

“Take an experienced three piece group of L.A.musicians, add some outrageous lyrics and stir in some inspired guest musicians and you come up with Blessings & Curses from Mojo Monkeys. From the opening track Bodacious and Girl Might Do to the reverse bootycall of Can’t Say No, Mojo Monkeys cover the bases of those bad girls that we all love to love. They delve into social commentary about the current state of the state on Beating Dead Horses. The loner on the road of Baton Rouge and Californialabama gives an outlaw creed to this collection. The band throws it down and wails on In The Wind.."you ain’t got a pot to piss in, but you ain’t just pissin in the wind.” On She’ll Be Alright, we get a big chorus and a backhanded love song. These guys have a solid swampy blues base that can swing into a rollicking big guitar sound at the drop of a drumstick. You just may end up with these songs stuck in your head.”

“They titled it blessings & curses, but it is all blessing. This evidently is what the true professionals do when they want to play for themselves. Three excellent and much sought after sidemen, a lot of energy, and musicianship which tells you why they are on the road with major players much of the year equal an album musicians will love and fans should hear. Call it rock 'n' roll, call it blues boogie, call it anything you like- these guys nail it down! What can they do? Anything and everything, evidently. From the cross between Modern Country and Tom Petty (She'll Be Alright) to N'Orleans rock 'n roll (Bodacious) to R&B hybrid (Enough) to slinky and smooth (Can't Say No) to off-the-edge acoustic dementia (Monkeythumb). You might think that would be a negative, these abrupt changes in style, but when Mojo Monkeys play, it seems effortless- like it is instinct- the rhythms and chords a cauldron of good (and sometimes eerie) vibes. Listening to them is like waiting for good barbeque.”

“Hun debuut "Hang" maakte tien jaar geleden (jawel!) al behoorlijk wat indruk, maar met deze opvolger weten Mojo Monkeys zich wel degelijk in de kijker te spelen. Hun gedurfde teksten zitten vol humoristische spitsvondigheden, maar toch gaat bij de luisteraar de aandacht naar het rockgehalte van de meeste songs en de zwoele sfeer van Louisiana die net als op hun debuut overheerst. Blessings & Curses is vooral een zeer afwisselende plaat geworden, dat zal onder ondertussen wel duidelijk geworden zijn. Openend met "Bodacious" een song waarin zowel de rockinvloeden van Stones als bluesy ZZ top elementen in terug te vinden zijn, om in alle rust te eindigen met stille songs als "Our Curse" en "Mockingbird" terwijl ondertussen alle mogelijke stijlen de revue passeren. Soulvol en authentiek, maar met de nodige tongue- in- cheek humor doorspekt. Een aanrader!”

“Mojo Monkeys (blessings & curses) - Should be called Mojo MONEYS because this bluesy rock n roll roots magic sounds like a million bucks! - Roctober Magazine Reviews”

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