Mojo GoGo / Press

"Mojo GoGo, the current kings of stagecraft, treating every show like an arena sell out. It's incredible to watch"


"One of the finest bands to emerge in years, Mojo GoGo pack a punch" - Barry Devlin, Horslips

Barry Devlin - Barry Devlin - Horslips

"Mojo GoGo have much larger testis than Two Door Cinema Club will ever have. Mojo just sound bigger and brasher, and we love that" - Touring and Whoaring Magazine

Touring and Whoaring

"Mojo GoGo are on the cusp of Greatness. Boasting a live sound that is as solid as Godzilla's sofa" - Edwin Mc Fee

Edwin Mc Fee - Hotpress

"Mojo GoGo's live show is a cross between Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band fused with The Clash" - Niall Stokes

Niall Stokes - Hotpress Magazine

"The music world is Mojo GoGo's for the taking....Their live show has already become the stuff of legend."- Hotpress Magazine