Moist / Press

“Temporary Arrangements shows potential in its dark alt-electronica; it focuses on nuances and atmosphere, giving its guest vocalists space to do their thing. Tracks such as opener “Crows Within Me” shine.”

“May have created one of the year's best electronic albums already a month into the new year.”

“The track is called ‘Me and You’, and it’s a spine-chillingly soft and delicate piece of Scandinavian electronica.”

“Moist "Me and You" (featuring Smith and Thell) [Single Premiere]”

“Moist joins other Swedish electronic artists The Field, Håkan Lidbo and Andreas Tilliander from the growing electronic music scene.”

“Moist Makes Jazzy Electronica for 'Hold On'”

“Fuktig dröm är på väg att slå in”