MOE GRN / Press

“Respect G The King Victorious and Thugs till we die. Love these tracks they Hard out Dope. You keeping it Real Flows on point Fareal. Beats are hot . Hooks are sick. Keep doing ya thing.”


“We on fire is pretty dope”

Toy Boy Smitty

“I like your sounds alot,, and your voice delivery! Great style and stories! Victorious is superb. Thanks fro conenctin' - Greetings from Spain”

Fernando Garcin

“there's a place in the big leagues for your sound. Best of luck”

This Life

“In the Bassball game of life, "Moe Grn" reminds us us not to set our sights low, but that we should always "Throw Up"!”


“Dropping by, showin luv n building bridge.....nice work. Check my beats out when ya can”

Truth Beatz

“WOW your killin it!! your style is crazy!!! i became a fan.”


“We on Fire ...this is fantastic. an excellent song...well written and delivered RESPECT dude.”

Steve Inglis

“Nice tracks! love to get some feedback from you. Take a min lend me your ear? Thx and God Bless! Thanks again!”


“Please subscribe so I can interview you! Check my profile page for more informations!”


“Your Records are emaculate! Your style is refreshing in a copy and paste industry of music!!! follow me @Don_Tesla I follow back!”


“good job on gettin #1”

Strickly Sick

“I must say your talent is awesome the music sounds great...Great Job”

Ulysses Salett

“Keep Going In!Much love!Never Stop! 100”


“Fire video living walking dead”


“great work here really enjoying Hidden Rap nice work joined you on facebook keep in touch”

The Harry Munk Project

“Really like your unique sound. Sets you apart from others. Best of luck. Also, thanks for your support.”

Kevin Kerr

“Trippy Video!”

Gail Chasin

“Heart and Soul..Heroin on the streets..positive vibes!”


““Awesome! Thanks for the friendship... Rock on!””


“You have a Great Sound!!”

The Subjective Perspective

““I like your vibes brilliant music””


“fuckin dope rhymes man, loved heroin in the streets...keep it up”

Dave Emeney

“Hi MOE GRN! Great music! God bless you! Happiness!!! Success!!!”


“Diggin Holy Grail...great lyrics and vibe.”


“The Best Things is a hot track!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥”

Amanda Pollard

“When the Universe calls you. Get the F**k up!!”

Moe Grn

“The reason for me continuing this journey is because I have to do it. The voices in my head tells me I can do it. Music is my Passion. Music helped me get out of depression. I can't abandon it. I'm here to make History!!”

Moe Grn

“Can you name another female rapper who wants it as bad as me. The person who puts in more effort WINS! I wake up eat breathe & sleep Music. Not a day goes by that I don't think about creating something! I been thru everything I needed 2 go thru. Now is the time to shut up all the critics, and those who don't have Faith in female rappers. But there can only be 1 right? lol My Faith alone will curry me & you thru. 'LET'S MAKE IT!”

Moe Grn

“Hello MOE GRN!! Thank you for the add. Rock'n is nice!! : ) Power of music. From Japan.”


“You can NOW!! Listen to MOE GRN Newest Mixtape 'Killin Spree' on MOE GRNT.V. via Youtube.. See you there!!”


“Great Music, Great Vibes, Great TALENT!!! U_ROCK!!! ~ Fefe ◕‿◕”


“Your music is hot Fam!!!”


“wicked, tight flow on these joints Moe..really loving the beat and vocal style for "breathe life"..tasty skills!!”


“Its Going Down..nice joint MOE, keep doing that dam yo! -PHD-”

Rob Wright

“What's up Moe, just stoppin' by to show our support. You got some great tracks. Hope all is well and keep up the great work!”

Suthurn Swaggur

“Love your flow!! Ah Million..Nice ;)”


“Thanx Homie. You got some hot tracks too. That Ah Million Dollars track very catchy my Dude. Your flow is a killer. Smooth. I liked your page... You got some true potential.”


“Absolutely awesome tracks here. I love "Breathe Life"..it only took 2 seconds for me to know I was a fan. Great work Moe! You have style and class.”

Delaney Simpson

“I C alot of passion... Never stop!!!!!”


“Good work - keep up with this! Thanks for your support! Many greetings and all the best from Germany.”


"cool tracks. we really enjoyed your production. much love from Ukraine."


"Live Long NEW MUSIC" you got it Moe!!


"Ah Million Dollars" rides nice & flows. Keep on doing you out there.

Quan Chi

“Came back to listen to 'Certified' because its just brilliant!”

The DoPe Brothers

“Thx for becoming a fan. You have good music here. I also supported you on your other social network.”


“Thanks for the support mate! Your tracks are dope! Cheers from Australia!”


“Some like, Straight illuinati! Peace and Love Positive Influence®”


“You got some fat beats here...digging your style...”


“Certified is off the wall...”

Mylez High

“Finally got round to checking you out. Thanks for fanning us Moe, returning the compliment right now. I enjoyed listening to your tracks & wish you all the best for the future.”

Meander Lane

"thank you for your support!! great sound!!..... great trax!!... great vocals!!... brilliant work!!...good vibe here!!... great presence!! keep up the good work!!! peace and love to you with much success.... & with many many listeners!!" daniel - Song/Word/Spirit Ministries International


“Keep dropping that fire on em my G!”

Meal Ticket Entertainment1

“Rocking the city of my birth! Scott Abene - Guitar”


“Moe Grn, Your words are mind blowing!! Enjoying my listening session...:))”

FemArtNYC (Songwriter)

"Certified"- enjoyed the listen, great voice and song!! Just shared it on my Facebook page for my friends to listen to! All the best!!

Darren Cinque

“Love your work here, The grooves are mint. W&W”


“Dropped by to check out "Certified"”

Buddy Greenfield

“Nice tracks, i really like your craft keep grinding, much love and respect!”

Lil Rope

“Queen City to Queen City connection, do da damn thang then!!”


“Listening to "Long Live" :) the best thing on this wonderful Sunday <3 Peace and Love to YOU!!!”


“Certified!!!! - ChilliBowl”


"It is always a pleasure to listen to your music you deserve a long and successful career, thank you!"

Olivier Olsen

“Your Great Boss! Superb! You Rule!”


“Million dollars go hard. Work! Respect!”

Doc Holiday

“you got some nice tight tracks here..good stuff !! all the best and thnaks so much for the support..”

Jen xo

“Simply Amazing”


“Coming from a broken home makes me want to Save those who are also broken.”

Moe Grn

“VERY cool tracks! We love the full sound, excellent vocals and writing, and great beats. Excellent!”

The Professor and Naomi Kay

“Checking out Ah Million Dollars. This flow is tight. Good voice. Got the skills showin' here for sure. Thnx for being a fan.TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, RESPECT”

The Nonsense Buffer

“Feeling the vibes in Minneapolis.”

The Fabulous Del Counts

“Love your music.”


“Dropping by to show support and wish much success with your music. Have a great evening.”

Eddie Ray

“Great flow/production and thank you for being my fan! I wish you all the best! =)”

Patrick Sporrer

"ah million dollas"...got me rocking out ... ghetto fab .. luv it... keep rocking

seph bk

“Salute 2 u! Keep following UR dreamz perfecting UR craft as u go along!”




“LIVIN' WALKIN...great style and awesome lyrics.”


“Sweet jams! Thanks for the kind words of support. Keep it flowing... Peace and love, Aya”


“We enjoyed listen to your tracks! Keep up the groove! Cheers!!”


“Cool beats and production, keep grinding them out MOE, Wishing you all the very best for 2-14 from Ireland my friend.”

The Almighty Fallen

“Keep an eye out for Moe Grn's New Project 'Love Story'”