Modern Suits / Press

“Modern Suits recently released their sophomore EP, Promises. It was recorded with Mike Watts (The Dear Hunter; Story of the Year) and Steve Haigler (Fuel's Sunburn; Brand New’s Deja Entendu) if that tells you anything”

“Hard rocking Philly band Modern Suits just released their new EP Promises on Tuesday...”

“Modern Suits is a band that gets back to the basics. Loud guitars, catchy hooks, and a persona as massive as their sound are a few of the things this band has going for them. The five-piece indie rock band is here to prove a point: Good music is good music. Stripped down, the songs are just as powerful as when they're played full band. These guys pride themselves on quality over quantity, and don't rely on computers and iPod backing tracks to fill in the gaps. What you see is what you get, and it's more than you would expect.”

Kung Fu Necktie (Venue)

“This is a "must know" band for all rock fans. Their songs can rival any of the rock greats heard on the radio right now. Modern Suits has found their sound, now they need the fan base to appreciate it.”

“Modern Suits have taken incredible to a whole new level on their new EP, Promises”

“It's tough for unsigned bands to stand out in today's over-saturated music industry, but when you release a project that has the same quality as chart topping bands then it's only a matter of time before you break out. For the Suits, that time is coming soon if they go after it.”