Modern Echo / Press

“For such a newly formed band, MODERN ECHO certainly show a level of maturity that a lot of other acts can only wish to achieve. This Milwaukee based four-piece play a brand of modern alternative rock that shows influence from bands like 10 YEARS, BREAKING BENJAMIN and TRAPT, but they also add a slight progressive touch more akin to bands like A PERFECT CIRCLE and THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. I can picture a couple of these tunes spinning on FM radio stations and college radio around the globe with HOLD ON being the most obvious of the lot. This genre has been done to death over the last half-decade or so, but SPIRIT IN THE MACHINE shows us just how potent and relevant this style of music can be when done right. I really enjoyed the vocal approach here as there is a lot of modern alternative rock bands with boring dime-a-dozen vocalists but this guy sounds great. I was pretty impressed by the high quality of the songwriting overall on the album, and am personally happy to recommend it.”

“The two years spent working on their material has truly paid off. Instead of releasing an EP or quickly releasing an album to test the waters and see how people reacted to their music, the band decided that they wouldn’t release something that is only half baked and not as good as it could possibly be. Modern Echo have put together an album that actually, and somewhat surprisingly for a debut, stands amongst some of the bands currently throughout the US.”