Modern Day Escape / Press

“What are the ingredients to making a solid upbeat rock n’ roll band with some heavy metal flare to spice it up? Well it’s quite simple, you take about an average of 3-5 members in this case we need five, James Vegas (vocals), Marti Rubels (guitars), Bagel (guitars), Shep (bass), and Corey (drums). By mixing these ingredients altogether thoroughly well you end up with an Orlando, Florida specialty known as Modern Day Escape.”

“Modern Day Escape played on my 20th birthday, in Las Vegas, Nevada, on August 17, 2009, at The Farm. I attended, and as shocking as it may be, it was my first MDE show! I was nothing more than blown away by their live performance, it was almost better then the CD!”

“Modern Day Escape’s style is eye-catching and upbeat recreating this overwhelming energy explosion that overrides the music altogether.”

"Standby Records’ Modern Day Escape had a rough time getting started as a full band but when they finally got it together they wasted no time attacking the scene."

“They (Modern Day Escape) play the type of music that can draw anybody in to a live show. It'll get your feet tapping and wanting to release all the energy and passion they've put in to that one song.”

“It's a competitive industry, but MDE is focusing on the big picture and successfully marketing a future in the right direction.”

“Formed in Orlando, FL. in the summer of 2006, "Modern Day Escape has an infectious sound and draws in the crowd regardless of what market they are playing."-Shane Jay Hayes (Essential Media Group)”