MODENA / Press

“Such feel and love in their sound. I dig it. Great use of dynamics and transitions. Modena brings you into their story. They write the chapter as you hear each driven, passionate riff with top notch vocal lines and harmonies, solid drumming, groovy bass, and just a tight, intricately woven band.”

"The producer did a very good job introducing a beautiful tone to start off the music. The tune sounds so beautiful and helps me relieve stress and think straight. 'Surrounding You' is very positive and makes me think positive."

Fan Review - Reverbnation

"Between crunchy guitar riffs, soaring solos, and infectious vocal melodies, Leverage is a high-energy and thoroughly enjoyable record."

“'Hang it High' features two of my favorite things in metal music: chunky guitar and pinched harmonics. I found myself singing along to each song after only hearing the chorus a few times. You can’t help but bob your head and tap your foot to the beat.”

“Your music has captured me from the get go! There is a uniqueness in your style, and I find your music quite refreshing, and not only that...you guys are the friendliest peeps out there! I wish you all the best and keep on rocking!!”

Tracey - California, USA - Modena Fan

“The members of MODENA seems to have a chemistry that benefits not only musical ingenuity but creative expression as well.”

Melody Geear - Northeast In-Tune Magazine