Model Stranger / Press

“The Changing Score is refreshing. The four-track EP from Chicagoan trio Model Stranger is an enchanting blend of classic rock and the dreamy ethos of contemporary alternative, introducing the band as much more than just a passing dose of rock n' roll nostalgia.”

"These guys are the real deal.This band is going places. You'd do well to catch them before they blow-up so you can say "I saw them before they were big." "

“It probably wouldn’t be a stretch to deem Model Stranger “rock n’ roll classicists.” Their first full-length release, Dreams & Bones, is recorded in what could be considered a very crisp manner, yet calling it clean would be a misnomer. It’s an album that takes on just enough of an antiquated manner of sound to accord for a distinct vitality – while being able to retain the adoration of audiophiles. ”

“Dreams & Bones comes in like a storm and doesn't let up throughout its nine tracks of fiery, driving rock 'n' roll. The band clearly give these songs everything they've got, and it would be tough to come across anyone who is any more invested or more genuinely passionate than these guys are on Dreams & Bones. ”

“What it comes down to for me is that Model Stranger writes great rock and roll. They're capable of writing songs you want to sing along with at the top of your lungs and they're also capable of writing the softer ballad that quiets the room. It's near impossible to not draw comparisons to many great classic rock bands; from their sound, to their recording methods (again, all analog!) to the way they look, these dudes might own a DeLorean.”

“The twisting of love and torment welcomed bedfellows in the world of broding alt-rock kickers, local trio Model Stranger dress it a little maniacal on their debut effort, Dreams & Bones, high-elbowing honky tonk fills, even an echoing cackle on the vamp lead-off track "She Don't". Some knee-forward guitar hooks keep their rock prowess in line, but it's the seething sardonic moments like the tambourine-tinged paranoia on "Where Do We Go From Here," or the hypnotic panting in "Turn of the Century," that linger in the promising new band realm, of which they'll be sure to wide-eye at this record release show.”

“Model Stranger is indie rock with psychedelic tones, a danceable beat and a unique quality of mixing the past and present.”

“I suggest listening to She Don't, Carousel, and What You Are Looking For (which is also available on a limited special edition vinyl copy). They're fine examples of retaining that rock energy felt in Model Stranger's other songs (i.e. Fire!Fire!) despite having a downtempo sound of heartache.”

"Turn of the Century" is an awesome song!

“Model Stranger have really had my attention lately. Their EP, "A Boy and His Crown", is good, I really enjoy it. Live though, they really kick it up a notch (multiple notches are kicked actually) and the songs get Mark McGwire'd with this power that's quite remarkable.”

“On "Turn of the Century", the percussive drum play truly highlighted the agonizing state of the protagonist lost in his morning paper.”

“[Model Stranger] has technical prowess and front man Stephen Francis appears to be progressing into a unique and passionate song writer that is inspired by more than just love and heartbreak. It's refreshing and exciting and I cannot wait to see what they do next.”

“There's so much generic crap out there, I really love it when I come across a tune with real character - which is why I love, love, love "Turn of the Century"!”