Mockingbird / Press

"The guitars... sound like they're carving their way through 800 year old Red woods, while sludge and smoke wash over the arrangements and cling to the air"

Jeanne Fury - Decibel Magazine

“I’m going to introduce you to a powerful force of music.These guys wreak havoc on their foes with their crushing guitars,pounding drums and vocals. EP’s are made to get listeners, such as myself, to get a taste of their music and eventually want seconds. I want seconds.”

“Catchy, mid-tempo, angular riff, or a clean picked psych section, and then follow it up properly with drones and dirges. With a vicious two guitar attack and rumbling vocals backed by a hard hitting rhythm section, this is a band that can do some damage on the heaviness scale. The production is thick, raw, and well defined. Highly recommended, if you were into the first two Baroness albums, but were disappointed when they adopted their cleaner, more rock oriented style, meet your new favorite band! ”