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“Technology Challenge ~ Ceramic Automobile Heater Featuring: FoMoCo, Henry Ford, Thomas Alva Edison, Roy Firestone, John Burroughs, and R.J.H. DeLoach, all better known as "The Vagabonds" Simple idea for the Winter. A ceramic car heater, simply to pre-heat a cold car and defrost the windows (front, rear, and side) and run it on an App as well as have a secondary batter that charges of the alternator but is only used on this circuit when the App is active and otherwise is wired to alternate with the starting circuit battery (we will simply refer to this one as the primary battery). It would be simple to set the App around your work schedule or on a temperature sensor and time, so that it is only utilized when needed.”

"Prosperity is found in language."

“This to me is exactly the essence of what the " GREEN MOVEMENT" is all about. First, reducing our own personal carbon footprint by efficiently consuming less natural resources through the use of modern and more efficient technology. Using this more modern technology creates a new work force with a fresh clean perspective,”

“The BP disaster is an international concern with homegrown roots that reach into international territory. I am a local citizen and artist and I have made a video accompanied by my own original music. ...article continued on link”