Meet Me in the Matinee / Press

“The album has a message that is honest, real and positive with no hold back lyrics that tell stories of their dreams, frustrations, determination, and commitment to be successful. Meet Me in the Matinee's new album is anything but ordinary with staccato bursts of sound, raw energy and vocal harmonies that transcend you giving the listening ear an audio feast. "Beauty in Ordinary Things" is a journey filled with the perfect blend of raw, high-energy, rhythm, good bass vibes, catchy riffs, and a blend of soothing vocal harmonies. The combination of hypnotic melodies and the present edginess of raw punk burning in the background it the definite album to buy today.”

“Regardless of the label, the best thing about this album is its intensity. Each track is done by four guys bent on getting every ounce of raw emotion and ear blasting sound they can out of their instruments. This is not to say that their music is just a bunch of thugs cranking everything up to 11. The music seems well thought out - they have the ability to go from outrageous jam to an almost tender interlude in the blink of an eye. Case in point at 1:05 into Delaware, the band goes into a melodic staccato bridge. It's just that kind of oddity that makes listening to this album more than just fun - it keeps my attention and that is a difficult thing to do.”

“The lyrics are more mature than they've ever been & range from fun to pondering the depths of anguish & as always, a touch of brilliant social commentary sprinkled on top. Strong & flashy performance on drums serves as the backbone to this 10 track set. The Bass is driving & quite fun at times with a McCartney-esque touch to those heavy strings. Sharp lead guitar that isn't afraid to be a real solo & their signature chugging rhythm guitar is of course ever-present. Best Tracks? Popcorn Button & Patricia LM. That said, every offering here is STRONG.”

“The entire album is a solid work of rock majesty. Not a single track seems out of place and it all seems to just flow together naturally. Sure, there are some weird segments, but weird is a good thing. The experimental nature of the album produces something better than could ever be achieved with conventional song structures.”

“Their sound mixes the latter day grunge of Nirvana with pop punk bands like Jimmy Eat World.”

“If you want an album where every track grabs your attention with punchy tunes, meaningful riffs accompanied by persistent drum beats, you're in the right place. ”

“My favorite thing about the band is the melodic lines in the instruments. I don't know anyone that is doing that right now.”

channon from white string records