Fearless / Press


“Very nice music!”

“Your musik sounds amazing!!”

“I'm loving the chilling out vibez mon ;-) I love it 4 I've been offically "chill la feyed!!" jk sorry I'm a nerd who also does Reiki healing so it would b sweeet to have some of ur music =-)))”

“Two Sonic Wizards...”

“Keeep up the good tracks. Passed by again to come and listen to music that bounces in your imaginary life!”

"Awsome!!! Keep up the great work !!! Even my 62 year old mother loved it."

“How soon is now? Mix Kicks ass. LOVE all the glitchy stuff.”

Don Corrieri - Miami, Florida

“ I love your How Soon Is Now Remix. It's my Favorite Smiths song. Awesome job.”

Traci - Florida

“excellent tunes - am listening again :)”

PHATSAM303 - Glasgow, Scotland

“congrat's for your fantastic work!!!realy kicking musik dude!!!”

THE ANONYMOUS - Rhodes Island, Greece

“Wow that track on your music player blew me away. It's so different sounding from anything I have heard lately.”