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MiXE1 / Press

“STARLIT SKIN - The first song explodes from your speakers and storms across the ether drilling itself into your head -instantly turning you into a dance floor attacking demon. But the assault does not end there as song after song follows suit driving your frenzy onward! All this is thanks to the masters of Electro-Rock, MiXE1. The tracks on this fantastic album are well written and performed. Songs like ‘Talking In Our Sleep’ and ‘Plug Me In Tonight’ hit you on multiple levels -the lyrics are personal and potent, yet they are peppered with a fun sing-a-long vibe that would make any Karaoke fan wet from the hips down.”

“STARLIT SKIN - MiXE1 is not that comparable with any other band, but has meticulously created a unique ‘hybrid’ sound resulting from the fusion between different sources of inspiration. This album is a very enjoyable work! (7.5/10)”

“STARLIT SKIN - I like Starlit Skin because it's an honest record that obviously came straight from the heart of the band. It's evocative, vigorous, and the emotions conveyed are real. The passion on display, you can't fake it.”

“STARLIT SKIN - Trailblazers of a new generation in music, MiXE1′s latest album release Starlit Skin is a gargantuan voyage through waves of electrifying guitar riffs, intense vocals, and futuristic electronic elements. Described as an Electronic Rock band, MiXE1 is poised to dominate the global music sphere with rare distinction not seen since punk went mainstream on MTV.”

“STARLIT SKIN - It's a great one, for sure! I hope these guys reach out further and grow more! I'm wishing them all the best! They can send me the next one! As it's their first one it already reaches a high level: like gold! (95/100)”

“STARLIT SKIN - The Lights Out EP last year confirmed the kind of evolution undergoing within the music of UK electro rockers MiXE1 whilst also hinting at the potential of the band’s impending and eagerly anticipated debut album. Uncaged June 1st, Starlit Skin shows that those suggestions were strong and truthful whispers to its new and enthralling tempest. Originally the band started as a solo project by vocalist/songwriter Mike Evans, a ‘soft spoken’ proposition which caressed and seduced the senses whilst growing in strength and stature not forgetting reputation with every release. Now with the album as its evidence, the Hatfield trio without losing any of its mesmeric passion and floating melodic persuasion has transformed into a snarling bordering on ravenous provocateur of synth rock. (9.5/10)”

“STARLIT SKIN - It's been great to see MiXE1 go from an interesting solo project to promising band. The creativity and conceptual edge of Mike Evans vision has received a big shot of adrenalin courtesy of live guitars and drums. The end result is a punk-infused electro-rock that is full of big choruses and dance friendly-melodies. 'Starlit Skin' is a big step for a band that have, for the past few years, shown a lot of promise. The new writing style works well and they truly feel like they have arrived at a modern and relevant sound. You shouldn't be surprised if Mixe1 get snapped up by another label based on this effort.”

“STARLIT SKIN - Today instead of the usual Electro-Industrial, Das Klub has something a bit new in the reviews. Coming from the UK, Electronic-Rock project MiXE1 (pronounced “Mikes One”) is set to release their debut album “Starlit Skin” on the 1st of June 2014. While not as harsh and aggressive as the normal sounds around here, this album is a great listen and more skillfully performed than other Electronic-Rock groups I’ve heard try this blend before. Although frequently intense, I don’t think this album is something that demands dance or action but instead hooks you and is something to fall into to. A great and new listen, MiXE1 creates a deep and strongly impassioned sound, pleasing for many Rock fans.”

“STARLIT SKIN - Electro-Rock unit MiXE1 released the long awaited full album “Starlit Skin”. The biggest charm of MiXE1 is Mike Evans, who sings emotionally with his androgynous voice. He is a highly technical vocalist with a refreshing soft voice, but occasionally explodes with a brutal death voice. In addition, brisk, punchy hard-rock like guitar sound, together with melodious melody line that is characteristic to Future-Pop/Synth-Pop which is pleasant to listen to. The tracks such as “Talking In Our Sleep” and the title track “Starlit Skin” are killer tunes with an edgy rock sound and are very catchy. Personally, MiXE1’s latest “Starlit Skin” more than satisfies my expectation . It is a nice piece of work that can appeal to a wide range of audiences from melody oriented Industrial-Rock fun to Synth-Pop fun. (5/5 Stars)”

“STARLIT SKIN - I cannot really give marks out of ten or whatever for Starlit Skin, it’s an album I have waited a few years for and I will say it’s been worth every second of the wait. I am overwhelmed by how the MiXE1 sound has matured and evolved but yet Mike has managed to keep that true heart in every track. It’s the first time I have heard Amie sing and her sound is provocative, alluring and haunting. There are certain songs like Starlit Skin and Talking In Our Sleep where Mike tells of his true love for Amie but yet he manages to turn it around so the listener gets that emotion and can tell the full emotions. Starlit Skin is truly one of those songs that you would send to the one true love of your life. This album has it all and it really has been worth the wait. If you like electronica, metal or industrial then I think you may really gel with this album. It’s well worth the money, its superb.”

“LIGHTS OUT - is an extremely fun and exciting Ep to listen to. I just received this yesterday, and I first got a chance to listen to it last night. I enjoyed this Ep so much that I listened to it again first thing this morning. When I think of “good music” I think of music that makes you feel something, that gets you in the zone or inspires you, I think it’s good if you come away with some kind of feeling after a listen. This is exactly what happens when you listen to MiXE1.”

“LIGHTS OUT - Welcome to the world of MiXE1, an energized experience that could be called a collage of metal rock, aggressive trance and passionate emotion. Their EP, Lights Out, is a musical tour de force with tracks that are layered heavily with melodies that are distinct, complex while maintaining a high resonance of technique and rhythm. (5/5)”

“LIGHTS OUT - In all honesty, their music reminds me of when Skrillex recorded tracks with Korn. There were equal parts rock and electronic music and they energized and empowered each other. There is a wide range of influences on their EP that is showcased in various songs. MiXE1 marries pop music with rock and electronic music beautifully. Their music would be very good music for a party or to work out to. There's an undeniable energy that pulsates through every beat and can work almost any crowd.”

“MODULE 02 - is a stunning result of an artist who has found a full well of imagination and craft within music he is relatively speaking still fresh to and it harbours even greater promise for a planned debut album ahead. Just to be picky one would say more guitar and more of the metallic abrasion on that please, but if it is as good as this EP, we will take anything MiXE1 brings with relish.”

“MODULE 01 - The first thing that will strike you about this EP is the quality of Mike's vocal work, which is very Evocative and distinctive, and whilst there are other prominent parts to the songs, the strength of his vocals are what underpins the whole EP. Thats not to understate some of beautifully layered synth and guitar work, which create walls of elegant noise from which MiXE1 can launch their soaring hooks. But without a doubt, it is the vocals that stand this apart from the pack, with delicate tones cutting through the mix perfectly, and managing to maintain their power without distortion or screaming, just using a little auto tune to help create the synthetic vocal tone that fits so well amongst the tracks. (8/10)”