Mitzi's Revenge / Press

“A band not to be underestimated however advice should be given to not have these lads as a support act to your band due to their tendency to play such a chaotic, energetic and killer set, that their successors on stage will struggle to match. Mitzi’s are coming for you! And whether you let them or not, they will get you!”

“Mitzi’s Revenge treated their fans to a flawless performance tonight, easily living up to the hype and anticipation of this gig, clearly showing why they draw such large crowds to their shows. The band are obviously on the verge of breaking into the big league of music, and it’s definitely worth checking them out while they are still doing such brilliant gigs at small venues.”

“They’re a very good band with a strong, energetic stage presence and it’ll only take a few more appearances like this before you’re seeing their name on all the magazine headlines.”