Mittenfields / Press

“This is a band with depth, a depth that will go as deep as you allow. Beautiful, haunting, ethereal, and brilliant, I highly recommend listening to this album.”

“Find this record and your blow your cats ears off with it”

“The layered guitar work is impressive, and, though the whole album is riddled with potential fan favorites, Optimists remains surprisingly catchy and melodic in each song.”

“Raucous DC rockers, the Mittenfields, are positively killing it on Optimists, their debut LP. These princes of post-grunge manage to create a distinct, personal sound that flows throughout the album. This originality is rare in rock these days and allows for a cohesive, complete sound so good your cup is always half full.”

“The debut full-length from D.C.'s Mittenfields is a remarkably astute and economical blending of post-punk, American indie, and Pixies-inspired near-punk.”

“Some good, honest pop music coming out of Washington, D.C. Indie rockers Mittenfields have been playing together for a while now, and it shows.”

“Three years in the making, the eight songs that comprise this latest effort show a band content on not simply being an also-ran. With its three-guitar line up, Optimists expansive sound harkens back to some of the great, though often overlooked alt bands from the 1990s.”

"We’ve Become Numbers" is a rambling rave-up of layered guitars that sounds like everything you would hope for if Win Butler provided guest vocals on a Built to Spill track.

“The best songs on “Optimists’ open and close the album. The razor sharp title track sets the tone in less than two blistering minutes, while sprawling nine-minute closer sends Mittenfields out on a raging high note. In between are keepers “We’ve Become Numbers,” “Doctor! Doctor! The Heart Isn’t Beating,” “Goldmine” and “Birth to Broken Hearts.””

“The dynamics of their songs are where the band really nails it, as on the track “Telepathic Windows,” which goes from near whispering to a powerful peak of guitars, pounding drums, and extended vocal notes”

“With Optimists, Mittenfields surpasses most of the expectations created by Sums’ success. Mittenfields doesn’t so much challenge the indie-rock zeitgeist as celebrate its aesthetic appeal. And that alone should give the band, at the very least, some rather optimistic future prospects.”

“Their fuzz-fueled 3-guitar attack lends itself to a shoegaze-like wall of sound but off-kilter post-punk rhythms, anthemic Arcade fire-like moments and some catchy 90’s indie rock-inspired guitar melodies break through to help set them apart and make their debut well worth the wait.”

“Washington D.C-based band Mittenfields rallying guitar variations, strong bass riffs and unique vocals ups the ante on traditional indie rock.”

“On their debut LP, "Optimists," the band forges a completely new identity from their familiar influences. It shimmers and shakes, providing a comforting indie rock jolt without the slightest bit of self-referential nonsense.”

“We’ve Become Numbers ... with its pounding bass and drums and shimmering Peter Buck/Edge guitar work it’s a great driving song. Just in time for the nice weather – crank it up.”

“Jangling through your eardrums, 'We’ve Become Numbers' will help you become more than another number. If not, you’ll at least enjoy your five minutes.”

“With big, ringing guitars alongside distant, buzzing vocals, it's easy to hear the past coming alive again on Optimists”

“Combines a lot of good things musically to form its own great music sound”

“Fuzzy and clean, mathy stuff, poppy stuff, gentle songsmithing, hard rocking. All tight, cool shit”

“A breath of fresh air comes out of Washington, DC from an unsigned noise pop and shoegaze quintet called Mittenfields. Mittenfields sings heavy, blistering songs about hope, happiness, and heartache while sounding similar to Radiohead with their soulful vocals and fluttering, yet grinding noise pop melodies that will numb the minds of listeners everywhere.”

“Assured in its songwriting and bluntly emotive in its lyricism, there's a raw simplicity here which cuts hard.”

“New thing from Mittenfields entitled ‘optimists’ from an album of the same name due to hit record emporiums shortly. By rights should be the cause of much swooning fits in the aisles not least for those who get all misty eyed when a sub two minute poppet comes their way and manages to shoehorn an array of references that sound like a glam tagged mix n’ match smoothie condensing your favourite moments of 90’s indie pop into one short brief heart bursting mixtape that nods to gumball, teenage fanclub, pavement and the dandy warhols to name but a few and has the nerve to bookend the bubble grooved buffet with the detectable cool kiss of the Tubes and Sweet Apples. Not a bad trick to pull out of the bag.”

“The famously loud quintet produced these trippy, snowy visuals whose style matches the slacker 90s vibe that energizes the track”

“These guys know what they're doing, and they do it well. If that's not something to be optimistic about, then I don't know what is.”

"You need to listen to this, like, about a dozen times. It's loud and catchy and a blast of pure energy. I thoroughly dig this!"

“Washington, DC indie rock band Mittenfields are set to self-release their debut full-length Optimists on April 28. The album’s title track is a short piece of sticky power-pop goodness with solid riffs and energetic vocals courtesy of frontman Dave Mann.”

“The song takes no time to drop into full swing. Guitar trio, Sam Sherwood, Michael Ball, and Donald Seale bringing the heavy rhythms accompanied with catchy and squealing melodic leads that sound almost like a B-side to The Gaslight Anthem’s American Slang.”

“The title track for the album certainly lives up to its cheery name. A power pop guitar riff sets the excited tone early over thumping drums. Frontman Dave Mann channels his inner Win Butler as his voice emphatically rises and falls across the sharply produced track. It all comes together in one driven, guit”

“Their sound confidently affirms that they are not just another indie band.”

“Also on the bill are the triple-guitar warriors from Washington DC, Mittenfields, who lay down interconnected guitar leads with a dexterity that keeps things multi-layered without allowing their music to ever get too busy. Underneath all that, singer/bassist Dave Mann adds vocal lines that recall Travis Morrison of the Dismemberment Plan at his less nerdy moments, and drummer Brian Moran clatters away behind his kit, keeping a deceptively complex rhythm without ever drawing your attention from the guitars, guitars, guitars that make this band's sound so special.”

“This local band always puts on a good show.”

“This album is such a fresh alternative to the lo-fi/shoegaze that seems to be very popular these days. It’s an album that you can feel rushing through your veins, moving through your limbs and mixing up your senses. It’s loud and wonderful, a supersonic boom enough to wake up your sleeping soul. All that’s left for you to do is listen.”

“This EP is a celebration of rock sounds, not a rehashing of old school vibes, and that deserves recognition, in itself. These songs are darn catchy, to boot.”

“They come off like the illegitimate children of Superchunk, Archers of Loaf, Treepeople, or Smart Went Crazy, with the added edginess of, say, Harvey Danger.”

“I love those overfuzzed, hazy guitars, which slide between shoegazery dreampop and amps-on-fire Hüsker Dü roar with nonchalant ease; I love the staggering, stuttering drums that sound like they’re almost about to fall apart but never quite do; I love bassist/singer Dave Mann’s droney, melodic basslines; and I love Mann’s rough-edged, half-howled vocals.”

“At their best, they prove themselves to be capable songwriters where the combination of sound and song can create some magical moments”

“Mittenfields are loud and sound exceptionally large in their delivery, crafting a stellar debut this past summer and one of the best releases of the year.”

“Mittenfields debut the past as something new... if you took Frightened Rabbit and told vocalist Scott Hutchison to make a song for Arcade Fire’s Funeral using Cursive as a backing band, maybe then you would end up with ‘My Mind Is an Avalanche.’”

“Screaming, atmospheric punk with vocals that sound like David Byrne. Can’t go wrong with a combo like that, can you?”

“The Washington indie act scratch at the surface of paranoiac rock a la Modest Mouse, yet with broader, more grandiose brush strokes.”

“Think Preston School of Industry with balls.”

“the folks in this band write and record some truly cool gripping modern pop/rock with a difference.”

“This EP is the sound of something totally new and wonderful for this here city best known for hardcore and go-go.”

“There is no song on this release that is skippable”

“A roaring juggernaut of swirling guitars, soaring choruses and raging emotions.”

“A band who aren’t afraid to swing for the fences... dangerously energized guitars, shout‐to‐the‐ceiling harmonies, and a rhythm section that sounds like it could implode.”

“Singer/bassist Dave Mann is a dead ringer for Arcade Fire’s Win Butler and Pixies’ Kim Deal, respectively, and that’s a good thing”