“Each lyric seems to have an aura. They’re not just words strung together but a memory, a story, brought to the ears of the listener with raw emotion.”


“Every song on here has it’s own unique groove, but they also all feel very connected by Mitch’s overall style and vibe. This is a quality album by a talented songwriter that definitely is deserving of your attention. Check out his Facebook page for more info and some links to his music. Also, make sure to hit up CDBaby.com to pick up the album!”


"His raw vocals..the hard edge that every rocker dreams about and his melodies are so catchy that you will end up singing it hours after hearing it..."

Gary Hill - Songwriter

“Mitch Trupia is one of those folks in town you just need to meet. He emotes passion in every action.”

Tim Wood - Hilton Head Today

"Mitch is one of a kind. I can't say I have ever met anyone like him. He has a grace about him that is confident and he emits an energy that makes people around him take notice. If you get the chance to meet him, you will understand."

Kristine Johnson - altnet media

“Trupia played in bands for most of his life, but about two years ago...Just his acoustic guitar and the audience -- and the brief wave of panic that swept over him before he hit that first chord... "But you figure it out. You move forward," he said.”

Justin Paprocki - Business Week

"The Greatest Band in the Coastal Empire!"

DJ Lizzy - radiosol - regarding shows in the Southeastern USA