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“Downloaded a copy of your album today from I-Tunes and I have been playing it over and over....I must admit...I can't keep my feet still while listening.....This is good ole country music...from the title track "Waiting On A Train" to the last song "Ridin' the Range"....in every song you tell a story we can all relate to.......I love them all......but I would have to say "Waiting On A Train", " Feedin' Me Lines", "Nothing But Love" and "Bitter Shade of Blue" are really talking to me tonight...Thank You for sharing your talent with us!!”

Sherry T. Mitchell - facebook

“Country Music at it's Best ! Country music the way it should be, with "original" tracks written and performed by Mitch Morris, Friends, and Family. Pure country at it's best, straight from the heart....guaranteed to make for one foot stompin' heck of a time. Mitch Morris epitomizes that of a Classic Country Music singer / songwriter. So crank up this album, whether you're heading out for a road trip, sitting around a campfire in the Georgia backwoods, or living over seas ... this album aims to please !”

"Waiting On a Train is a great album. I find myself wanting to listen to it just one more time and just one more time...The words, the voice and the music are a combination of the quality of these elements that first drew me to "country" music. I tried listening to a popular country radio station in Nashville a few weeks ago and all of the programmed beats and commercial attempts at mainstreamyness just made me feel dirty. Mitch stays true to his heart and soul and the heroes who inspire him. This album is "real". I am thankful for people like Mitch who keep practicing their craft in spite of what the major labels are trying to pass off as good music. What's my favorite song on this album? The album. Nuff said"

Scott Spradley, Cokesbury Bookstores - Facebook


"Mitch Morris takes some traditional country themes and interprets them with a 21st Century sensibility. His vocals are heart-felt and his guitar work is powerful. The songs in this collection range from the brooding “Looks Like It’s Gonna Rain” to the beautifully haunting “Ridin’ the Range.” “She Ain’t Comin’ Back” features the strongest riffs in this set. Reminiscent of the early work of Alabama, this song also showcases Morris’s strength as a singer. Too many so-called country artists seek to cross over into pop music. I don’t fault them for being driven toward commercial success, but if the passion for the music isn’t there, there can be no success. Mitch Morris has the passion and it shows in his music"

Eddie Whitlock, author, EVIL IS ALWAYS HUMAN - Facebook

“WKEU FM The Rock 88.9 sponsored the Texaco Country Showdown Saturday night at the Lee Auditorium in Thomaston. The event was one of the largest. The master of ceremonies for the evening was Bill Chapman and Sylvia Winters. Contestants all are competing for the big recording contract worth $100,000 in Nashville later in the year. Winners this year were: The Mitch Morris Band of Griffin was the winner. (This was a family of 7) mom dad and all the children. Jennifer and Cody of Manchester were the 1st runner up. Denise LaFrenier of Alpharetta was the 2nd runner up. ”

“Who's gonna fill their shoes? - This was the question asked when Willie and Waylon were closing out their final tours. Alan Jackson was warming up..... 15 years later: Here comes Mitch Morris.. Look out! - Bob Wyatt”

Bob Wyatt - ReverbNation

“Just want to say thanks for giving my songs a listen Mitch.Glad you found me cause i am really diggin your music.Sounds alot like Waylon. -”

“Mitch Morris's song - "She Ain't Comin' Back" - has made the online request line on Atlanta's FM 94.9 The Bull!”

"'Nothin' But Love' is nothin' but Beautiful! Great song." - Jennifer Perry

Jennifer Perry - ReverbNation

"Got "Nothin But Love" for you! And "I Want More" Fanstastic songs!" Terese Mullinax

Terese Mulinax - ReverbNation

"Just had a listen to 'nothin but love'. really enjoyed it. U have a smooth tone that is very nice. I'll be bk for sure. Much love from London" - Emily

Emily - ReverbNation

"Your music is amazing...I haven't listened to all of it yet, but so far...I'm hooked!!! :-) " - Sue7

Sue7 - ReverbNation

“ This is some of the best country music as can be! Greetings from THE TIME BOMB KA-BOOOOOOOM!”

The Time Bomb - ReverbNation

“ Amazing!! That's what you are!! Love the music you make! Keep the music smooth... ♫♫♫”

Michele Holland - reverbnation

“ I am fan, you're a great guitarist, awesome your music, nice track..good job.”

Flory - ROMA, IT - reverbnation

"What a GREAT song (She Ain't Comin' Back)! This is pure good music ya'll :D , Mitch Morris , been singing it all day ! ! !"

Lilly Ray - facebook

“Hey Mitch, Nice Tele! And your harmonies sound great. Congrats on some great work! ”

Tim Birchard - reverbnation

"Dead serious foot stompin hound dog country. Bitter Shade Of Blue!!!" - Magnificat Sonnets


"Real pleasure to listen to such a high calibre of songcraft..have always loved drivin country rock like this. Got a big thrill from hearing that acapella breakdown in "She Ain't Comin Back", not enough folks do those!! and they always work!!" - MikeWhitePresents


“Great guitar and kickin vocals! - Di Lee”


"I Just Want To Cry" sweet track !!! LOST CITY BAND


"Rockin Country music!!! clean fun spriited jamming!" STAND VOLUME


“BENEFEST A day of music will be held Saturday to raise money for the victims of the tornado that ripped through Lamar County.....Admission is a $10 donation. Concert goers will be permitted to leave and return with a stamp on their hand. All proceeds will go directly to the local relief effort as coordinated by the Lamar County Community Foundation. The goal is to raise at least $10,000. The lineup is:......... 7:30 - MITCH MORRIS - Country...........”

“Spalding Relief 2011 scheduled for Saturday at Truett’s Grill Come enjoy the music and do something good for your neighbors. That’s what Chip Parker and Steve Harless are hoping people will do this Saturday. They’ve organized Spalding Relief 2011, a benefit concert to raise money and items needed for the Spalding County tornado victims. “There is so much that still needs to be done,” Parker said. “And ... all we know how to do,” said Parker, “is put on a concert.” The concert is from 5 to 9:30 p.m. Saturday in the parking lot at Truett’s Grill on North Expressway. The local performers include Susan Brown Kuprian, Mitch Morris, Them Morris Boys, Lady Creech & The Mainstreet Band, Partytime Band and Hail The Revolt. ”

“Doc’tober Days features an array of events This weekend will feature a two-day Doc’tober Days festival downtown celebrating Griffin’s most famous son, John Henry “Doc” Holliday. There will be a free screening of the 1957 film “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” from 7 to 8:30 p.m. tonight. The film will be screened at the new pocket park on Sixth Street and guests are advised to bring a blanket or lawn chair. After the movie ends, there will be a concert with the local band Mitch Morris and the Lost Pioneers at 9 p.m. on Solomon Street.”