Mitch Marcoulier / Press

“Mitch Marcoulier has a fine collection of songs here and the kind of voice that draws the listener in, brilliant! ”

“Such an Amazing collection of songs and brilliant lyrics!!! Awesome talent, style and passion !!!! SENSATIONAL ~ Fefe ”

“Howdy from Austin. I really LISTENED to all the product without distraction. You are a top 1% talent. Cheers. Wade.”

“Nice moments of tenderness and poetry in a brutal world.Thanks! ”

“What a precious golden place! Great songwriting, it jangles, it tells stories and pleases ears, heart and soul. I like music that sounds authentic. This one here does. Sweet violin sounds on Different Day btw. All the best and golden days to you:) ~ kappi ”

“Superb, high quality tracks. Excellent songs and very professional performance. I particularly like 'Forever Gone'. Absolutely superb!”

“I highly recommend Mitch's videos to all page visitors...the man is a vocal gem.. ”

“You know what I like about Mitch Marcoulier? His music, his vocals and the great instrumental arrangements. That's what.”