Mitch Jacobs / Press

“The other person who was brought to the stage was another musician that HMR has yet to catch a full set of, Mitch Jacobs. OMG!!! – this guy brought the freaking house down AND had the whikeeee. The man came up and knocked it out of the park with a beautiful song that lead many to stand up and cheer as he left the stage back to the main act.”

“Mitch Jacobs, Melissa Ludwig Band at The Cove. Houston may or may not appreciate its honest country singers, but San Antonio’s country fans have the opportunity to catch another Bayou City honky-tonker when Jacobs and his band roll in. Jacobs’ voice is deep and resonant, like Johnny Cash, and his repertoire also is deep and resonant. Listen for Jacobs and his band to preview songs from an upcoming EP, “Gulf Coast Jamboree,” set for release on the Steadyboy label next month. ”

“Mitch Jacobs Band (9 p.m.) at The Cove Houston's Jacobs has a voice that will get the attention of fans of Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard, and his songs will keep 'em listening.”

“Mitch Jacobs's hard-bitten Americana contains none of the British trappings of his producer and label boss Freddy "Steady" Krc (see above). However,he does strike country-jukebox gold with "For a While" and "Lady on the ­Barstool."”

“Now there are singers who can put over a song and there are those blessed with incredible voices, very few have both. Mitch has both AND some ….”

“Mitch Jacobs Band. Big-voiced Houston honky-tonker.”

Jim Beal - San Antonio Express Newa

“Jacobs is quite a packag”

“Mitch has the most stunning vocal ability I have had the pleasure of working with in the studio. He can sing anything, anywhere, anytime, anyway”

“Back at Martell's, Mitch Jacobs and band are tonkin' and twangin' hard. Jacobs goes into his Johnny Cash voice and does a restrained opening to Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down" before unleashing his band. The crowd is suddenly his.”