mitchell museum / Press

“It's an album of gloriously eccentric psych-pop. Summers soundtrack has arrived right on time.”


“lo-fi racket with hi-fi skill”

4/5 MOJO

“A dense, but wonderfully tuneful, dream-pop racket.”


“Giddy-making sonic kaleidoscopes. A wonderful new band.”


“Dense rhythms that invoke Mercury Rev’s busiest psych-pop”


“Unmissable new band”




“Intruiging new band alert: Glasgow's Mitchell Museum meld future indie anthems with a somewhat shoegazey style”

Financial Times

“Peters Port stands as an album head and shoulders above its peers, one that belies it's debut status and, crucially, sounds as if mitchell museum have only just started to flex their creative muscle.”

THE SKINNY: Album of the month+ Cover story

“A lively, auspicious twisted-pop debut.”


“It's quite a feat when, on your debut album, you outstrip your heroes, Glasgow newcomers Mitchell Museum clearly have a fondness for The Flaming Lips, but their first long-player is better than anything Wayne Coyne and co have done since Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.”

The Sunday Herald

“Psychedelic rockers Mitchell Museum might just have came up with a masterpiece...it's a treasure trove of stunning songs.”

Scottish News of the World

“The results - particularly standout single Warning Bells - are something to behold: exuberant, clever, textured, infectious, meshing 1960's psychedelia with a 1990's US college vibe, usually all at the same time.”

The Herald

“This first album from the hotly-tipped Glasgow four-piece positively bristles with youthful exuberance and fizzy pop hooks which embed themselves in your psyche.”

The Scottish Daily Express: 4/5

“They're as relentlessly quirky as they are epic; comparisons to the Flaming Lips, Broken Social Scene and Animal Collective are well-earned.”

The Scotsman

“Colourful technicolour pop with lots of chiming, melodic instrumentation and vocal harmonies.”

The Sunday Mail: 4/5

“It’s a lovely record with a weird indie-folk aesthetic, kind of like a more eccentric Broken Social Scene, and confirms the quartet as one of Scotland’s current finest.”

The List: Edge Festival preview

“This is Scotland's most exciting new band. The debut album is the perfect summer soundtrack.”

The Northern Echo

“The absence of any input from a record conglomerate is definately evident in the music - it is the independence that gives this band its charm.”

The Burton Mail 4/5

“A band full of life and upbeat summer dirty pop tunes armed with an arsenal of hard-hitting beats coupled with undeniably creepy atmospheric crescendos.”

The Southern Daily Echo

“This debut is crammed with melodies, glitchy noises, reverberating sounds and delicate chimes. ”

The Big Issue (Editions: In the North 3/5, Scotland 4/5)

“This is the magic new sound of young scotland. Soon every major independent label will be fighting for their signature.”

Rough Trade Records Shop - Album "recommended this week"

“The Peters Port Memorial Service is a timely reminder of how important truly independent music can be.”


“...even a rather brief analysis could bring together enough evidence to support any claims that Mitchell Museum could “go all the way” or “make it”. For one, it sounds as cohesive yet unpredictable as you could hope for a debut record.”


“Addictive is not the word for this monstrous beast.”

Paul Waller - www.pennyblackmusic.co.uk

“Mitchell Museum have crafted an ear-boggling slab of extravagant pop bliss.”

Alan Souter - www.isthismusic.com

“The more time you spend with this record, the more it reveals a hidden depth that wasn’t immediately apparent, and you slowly begin to realise just how special this band could be. 4/5”

Kristian Jackson - http://citylifers.co.uk/

“Like the American pop-Gods Mitchell Museum create pop for grown-ups singed with a lovely layer of quirk that makes them quite unforgettable.”


“With a hard-to-define sound, all 60s psychedelia and 90s college rock and a certain something - that ‘X factor’ if you like - this is a band on the up.”


“An album that puts one of Scotland’s most unique four-pieces on course to claim the sleeper hit of the year”

Martin Guttridge-Hewitt - www.clickmusic.com

“This is a band who have a way with a song that shows that anthemic does not have to mean anaemic, bland or flag waving, but killer tunes that will hopefully find their place on festival stages and indie discos for many years to come. 4 and a half / 5”


“Regularly crossing the border between genius and downright madness, the only way to experience their music is to let it take you on a weird and wonderful journey. I guarantee it won't disappoint.”

Wesley Shearer - http://scottishscribbler.blogspot.com/

“Thirteen quirky, cheery tunes that sound a little like Jonathan Donohue fronting early Super Furry Animals or a less awkward Animal Collective, that also successfully channels their onstage energy onto vinyl. - Album of the week.”


“What Mitchell Museum have created with “The Peters Port Memorial Service” is an offering that sits very well next to many up and coming bands, and may well trump them. Think of the recent success of Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons, Bombay Bicycle Club and the upcoming return of Arcade Fire and you’re in the right genre for this band.”


“Manic Pop Thrills. There’s really no better way to describe Mitchell Museum debut LP ‘The Peters Port Memorial Service’.”

Manic Pop Thrills

“Think of it as a Glaswegian take on Death Cab for Cutie covering Wolf Parade, and you just about scratch the surface. That being said, "The Peters Port Memorial Service" easily trumps anything those two bands have released in recent years.”