“Discovered by producer Beau Hill via MySpace, New Zealand newcomers Mistress set the marker for what a new hair metal band should sound like. Kicking off with the well-crafted Rock It Tonight, they posses the goods to be as big as Reckless Love - but with a harder edge. Their craft and ability seeps through on tracks like Live It Up and Late Night Lover. But it's the Beau Hill mixed track, She's A Sinner which sets them apart from the pack with heavy guitar solos and a trudging bass line. They explore the 80's, drawing on their influences, like Motley Crue, Ratt and Judas Priest, but they take those influences to the next level by adding elementa of their own, treading more on the moody, guitar-driven anthems that become the main driving force of this record - and, impressively, without an ounce of contrivance about them.”

Kylie Olsson - AOR Classic Rock Magazine

“After the first spin of "Loveteaser" I have to admit that Mistress achieved to catch my attention at once with its catchy, up-tempo and totally 80's hard rock sound. Yes, it's so good! In my humble opinion, there is an early Ratt vibe in all over the project and that's a thing that I like. The guitar work is simple and rockin' in such a good way, the vocal lines are very good and the musicianship is top notch. Even there is no filler in sight here, there are a couple of killer tracks here, that takes the whole album in to a higher level, such as "Turn It On", "Live It Up", "To The Top" and the Firehouse-esque opener tune of "Rock It Tonight". Bottom line is that "Loveteaser" is a real solid album! It's trying to bring the glory Sunstrip days back and believe me it does it in a very good way. No modern thing here just pure, killer hard rock/hair metal stuff in an old fashion way that will bring memories from another, so sweet, era. Taste it!”

“Retro hair-metal pure and simple in all ways possible which ain’t no bad deal I feel. Coming across like a New Zealand equivalent of a Def Leppard meets Tigertailz mix with cutting riffs, hot key changes and shouty backing vocals it’s back to 1987 all over again and again. Some excellent cuts to be found here such as the very Lep-like ‘Love Teaser’ that is like a cross between ‘Tear it Down’ and ‘Gods Of War’; the cheesey as hell ‘Rock It Tonight’; the gutsy ‘To The Top’ or the Beau Hill mixed closer about a not so good girl called ‘She’s A Sinner’. It hits the spots and I bet she does too!”


“Eighties bands such as Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and Guns N’ Roses typified the rush of glam rock that dominated the late ’80s airwaves. Wellington’s Mistress take obvious cues from these bands, but have more in common with the underground hair bands such as Ratt and Slaughter than the mainstream big hitters. Fans of guitar-driven glam rock will enjoy ‘Loveteaser’ with all the guitar solos you would expect from a 1988-era album. Vocalist Siggy Signal’s mid-range approach carries the album with confident swagger, avoiding the critical mistake of sounding too Kiwi. The guitar riffs are big and so is the hair. As a three-piece, Signal pulls double duty on lead guitar and vocals, delivering something closer to Mick Mars rather than Malmsteen. With such a large catalogue of legendary bands to draw influence from Mistress have chosen a difficult genre to stand out in, yet somehow manage to carve a confident slice into the niche that is hair metal. Make Mistress your guilty pleasure.”

“WOW, I certainly wasen't expecting this...!! Great material and I dig siggys vocal approach, very stylistic...I really like MODERN WORLD...heavier the better...excellent Gtr arpeg @ the intro”

Beau Hill - Music Producer