Mistheria / Press

“Gemini is an album that sounds refreshing and touches the listener's heart of music.”

“On his 6th album "Gemini", Mistheria is once again tinning all his talent on composition and performance!"”

“GEMINI | You will blow away by this amazing album that took years to make but worth the work and time. Speechless it lives me with just one word : brilliant (100/100)”

“GEMINI brings 13 tracks of the most outstanding metal, prog and neo classical metal, with the Italian accompanied by a galactic set of virtuoso musicians... Mistheria is not just fingers, he's also soul and heart!”

“GEMINI | Lovers of shredding and great symphonies will find in Gemini a rich and tasty dish all to enjoy.”

“GEMINI | ...monster technical level that leads to magnificent compositions.”

“GEMINI is a real triumph of beauty, passion and tears.”

“GEMINI | Mistheria lifts the boundaries of time and genre and creates a very special atmosphere.”

"GEMINI | ...the album sounds with a spirit of unity that shows how elegant the Italian maestro is."

“GEMINI | An impressive work that can not miss in the discography of classic and orchestral metal music lovers.”

“GEMINI | All this combination of factors has made Gemini an all-encompassing masterwork. (9/10)”

“VIVALDI METAL PROJECT... this is just an extraordinary album. If it were a painting it would hang in the Louvre, it really is that magical.”

“He proves not only to be an impressive musician, but an even great composer.”

“Charming, romantic, and fascinating, Mistheria’s “Keys of Eternity” is a delightful work that will surely captivate all lovers of Classical Piano, New-Age and Ambient Music. Highly recommendable!”

“KEYS OF ETERNITY ..this work, that is emotional, self-absorbed and Mistherious. And it's not Chopin, it's Mistheria!”

"DRAGON FIRE... can only be described as a MASTERPIECE!"

“DRAGON FIRE simply deserves five stars!”

“DRAGON FIRE: It's a pure musical jewel of neoclassical metal!”

“DRAGON FIRE is an immense, grand, and generally gratifying work.”

“DRAGON FIRE: If you’re a fan of progressive metal, you won’t be disappointed.”

“DRAGON FIRE: Great vocals, great guitars, even greater keyboards, and perfect songs. What more can you ask?”

“DRAGON FIRE: From the mind and fingertips of keyboard virtuoso Mistheria comes this bombastic prog/symphonic-metal opus!”

“DRAGON FIRE: Overall, if you love it complex and epic this is for you. The songs are well written and performed admirably...”

“DRAGON FIRE: Mistheria return as this mastermind of keyboard wizardry returns with yet another fine neon-classic metal masterpiece.”

“High quality players rarely sink below a certain level - so if you miss challenging instrumentation and soaring performances, DRAGON FIRE will fill your neo-classical metal appetite.”

“DRAGON FIRE: If you want fast power metal combined with classical parts, high speed guitar runs, blistering keyboard runs, great keyboard and guitar duels and leads, some very convincing vocal performances, all wrapped in a good production then I suggest you give this one a listen...”

“DRAGON FIRE: The guest list of the album is certainly impressive, for vocalists try John West, Mark Boals, Rob Rock, Lance King and Titta Tani for size. The guitar front is equally talent packed with George Bellas, Roger Staffelbach, Neil Zaza and Emir Hot handling six string duties whilst the rhythm section is Twinspirits’ Alberto Rigoni on bass and drum legend John Macaluso.”

“Mistheria's keyboard work is excellent and is further proof that he is a star to be in the metal keyboard stakes.”

“Mistheria grabs the magic conductor wand and stitches up a musical quilt worth admiring!”

“His work has graced the releases such as tributes to Shawn Lane, Jimi Hendrix, and also Rob Rock’s Eyes Of Eternity.”

“...like a group of ballerinas, his fingers dance on the ebony and ivory keys, and he moves elegantly from the subtle background soundscapes to brilliant solos.”