Mister Tim The Funky Introvert / Press

"Freaking Amazing! When are you coming back?"

Pikes Peak Brewing Company

“Mister Tim brings a fresh approach to the single-man-band world with his new record The Funky Introvert. Overdubbing, looping, beatboxing, and was that a bit of comedy? His music is not hard to remember because there simply isn’t anything else like it in Denver. He backs up his own lead vocals. He solos over his own rhythms. The songs almost have the feel of some crazy, off the wall type of spoken word, begging to be paid closer attention, hinting that you may have missed some hidden meaning or symbolism. Definitely worth checking out.”

“One of the leading innovators in modern a cappella music, Mister Tim pushes the boundaries of vocal performance.”

““You've been a highlight of our event two years in a row. The kids can't stop talking about you.””

Governor's Honors Academy / Cedar City, UT

“It is remarkable to consider that all the sounds on "The Funky Introvert" (album) were performed, recorded, and produced by just one person.”

"As he set up his equipment, my interest--as well as the whole crowd's--was piqued. Then he started ‘building’ his first song. It was unlike anything I have ever seen or heard. The crowd stared with the same wonderment that I was feeling. It was amazing! The beat was contagious and soon the crowd was moving with the music."

Heather Shurtleff - Iron County Fair, Parawon, UT

“Combining a diverse oral toolkit with real skill in looping to produce a remarkable act.”

“Mister Tim had the whole audience in stitches. He's a talented singer, but he really wowed us with all the things he can do with his voice and his pedals. It was unforgettable.”

“Vocal Magic is a multifaceted one man show that hinges on Mister Tim’s prodigious vocal textures, far-reaching vocal range, and his ability to work three sound effect pedals that enable to sing with himself and mix his voice in real time–a process called live looping. Part stand-up comedy, part poetry slam, and part performance art, Vocal Magic was like nothing I had ever seen before. If T.S. Eliot could have sang and Allan Ginsberg had known how to beatbox and been stuck in one body, they could have been reincarnated as Mister Tim. Vocal Magic was like nothing I’d ever seen but it was definitely something I wished to see again.”

“Uber-impressive as an act – polished, and dark, and fun.”

The Contemporary A Cappella Society

“Mister Tim is taking beat boxing and a cappella performance to the next technological level. It’s just amazing what he can do in a live performance! Every sound, instrument, note and word comes from his voice.”

Starfest (Denver, CO SciFi/Fantasy Convention)

“Highly recommended. Tim’s work is intriguing, inspiring, and fascinating, in all the best ways.”

Dave Brown, host of "Mouth Off" music podcast

“Mister Tim was the surprise act at FoCoMX. He was the most talked about performer at the festival.”

Fort Collins Music Experiment