Mister Kali / Press

“STEP FAST is a fiery debut release from rising reggae artist Mister Kali. Recorded and mixed at Ceremony Studios in Santa Fe, NM, the album draws on various soundcapes. From it's opening on "Psalm One", it is obvious that this album is not a play thing. A champion for all oppressed, Mister Kali has always lifted the cause of the Native American & with the help of production from Mystic Vision "I Coulda Neva Be" kills all inequity and colonial ideals. The lead single off the album "Don't Panic" is truly a call to arms for all Rastaman and all conscious minded individuals. Kali is joined by Andres "Draezey" Estrada of Mystic Vision on the upfull "Love Is My Armor", reminding us all that no matter how ill it is in Babylon, Jah love still rules.”

DJ Vision aka Zen Ken - Lions Dem Unlimited Sound

“I had seen him perform before, but when I saw Mister Kali slay the mic during a Pato Banton show in April 2009 at Corazon, I knew for sure that this cat had no stylistic competitor in the state. Mastered at Stepbridge Studios in Santa Fe by Andrew Click, Step Fast is the New Mexico-based dancehall-reggae album you've always wanted to hear but could never find -- because it didn't exist. Production value is high, Kali is a tongue-twisting lyrical master, and his backup musicians are solid-state. If you like dancehall, you'll love this album. It's available through www.cdbaby.com and Ernie B's Reggae Distribution at www.ebreggae.com. You can also download it from iTunes.”

“There is a fair share of New Mexican rappers out there (even though most unf. couldn't care less bout distribution & promotion) but Reggae acts from here? I'm afraid this state is a bit to backwoods for that really, there is Mystic Vision who i have contacted twice about buying albums from but have not heard anything from. There is "Native Roots", a native American band im not sure is still active and then there's Mr.Kali from Santa Fe. ”

"Kali's gravel grinding flow catches the ear; his performance style grabs attention. Truth be told, the Berkeley-trained musician probably would have been good at anything."