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Mister Jack / Press

“Very good”

“a track which immediately grabs the listeners attention”

“Good track with great airplay quality”

“nice bass work. Jilted John, splodge, Otway.”

“It's good fun”

“sound like Sham 69 meats Jilted John!!!”

“An Online Sensation”

“An Online Sensation”

“Mister Jack doesn’t disappoint!”


“Dismiss Mister Jack at your peril, because underneath the genuinely funny lyrics is a myriad of musical ideas”

“Very good guest Mister Jack”

“The Track Is Amazing”

“Love this tune, A BIG HOLIDAY HIT!”

Not Easy At All - N/A

“I look back foundly to the days of the specials. This track takes me right back to that place, but with modern sounds to bring it bouncing into the 21st century. The production has an 80's feel to it that almost made me feel like I was listening to vinyl! Thanks for the blast from the past!”

Stikycola - Stikycola

“Its typical ska punk with a ethnic rap and soul and blues undertones .good clear vocals.Lots of influences in one song.its original.I like it.good production , well structured.”

Odey - N/A

“The female vocals are a very cool change up. The female vocal melody is very catchy and the piano solo is wonderful. Good work!”

Thrift - Thrift Music

“a nice ska sound, storybook lead vocals, great female backing vocs. kinda funny good groove”

brewtalityBREW - N/A

“Ska Ska Ska I was bopping my head from the get go! Vocals are pretty good and the duet complements eachother. Nice tune with a catchy melody! ”

Checked Baggagge - N/A

“This is what Ska is supposed to sound like, Mustard Plug would be proud. Love the huge production, the female vocals, the horns, and the blues/jazzy piano in the background. I love the lyrics and would love to see Mister Jack play live.”

The Brassranger - The Brassranger

“Great old school ska The music is infectious.”


“Good music, wonderful personality, you know we want to see him as an on air personality.”

Mario Hemsley - Pax Stereo

“The chorus is awesome, really adds to the tune. Great tune guys!”

Josh Livingstone - Josh Livingstone

“Catchy sounding ska tune sort of reminds me of Madness or Buster Bloodvessel.”

Skellington Boot - N/A

“The tim armstrong-esque lead vocals worked well, when the girl ala lily allen comes in the chorus was probably a hook upon itself.”

Antman - Antman

“The song has a good sound to it. The production sounds really great! The vocals are very different It's not stuff you hear to often but different is always better!! ”

shadedny - n/a

“englishman reggae this is a novel idea. sounds like bob marley's backing band and the guy from the B-52s singing lead. very interesting”

tony66 - n/a

“Feeling good I like the beat, the piano is very nice here. The singing bewtween the female and male vocals are cool! They workout great together. Very nice!”

checkedbaggage - n/a

“Ska-rific! Two Tone revival! The female vocals and the male vocals really fit together very well. I think with the male vocals alone, would've made this song tolerable at best. He's stronger in performance. Saxophone is phenomenal. The song is about drinking and women. Makes me want to dance.”

usayiamweird - n/a

“A hint of UK squeeze with Ska overtones”

gerardv - n/a

“The beginning with the piano, guitar, and drums is great. It brought me into the work right away. The mix itself is really good, a really very catchy song. ”

mhaas - n/a

“It's nice and engaging Although it's not my type of music, I can say I enjoy listening to this tune. The vocals are great. Originality in the combination of pitches between male and female singers. The hook is good. ”

marchofus - n/a

“Saxual Healing I'm a sucker for a good reggae bassline and really liked that part of the track. Vocally I wasn't overly impressed although the two voices do fit together well. For me the sax made the record. Very nice.”

Shrimpton - n/a

“LOVELY TUNE! COULD BE A BIG HOLIDAY HIT! LOVELY TUNE...Big Up, both the male and female singer fit very well in the tune and the band sounds happy too! Really like the english accent and funny lyrics....Lilly Allen you betta watch it! Hook is fine! nice how they sing half of the hook each... ”

Not Easy At All Productions - n/a

“A very interesting song. The English accent and Reggae type song is original. The mix is really nice and the lyrics are pretty cool. Very Catchy. Vocals are very original.”

ensainsiko - n/a

“not bad for reggy-pop reggy pop is not intersting for me for about nearly five - six years ... but as for this track i can say that i like vocals... both male and female ... and i like the simplicity of the track”

Rubetz - n/a

“groovey! yesssssss! Love this! This definitely makes me want to drink beer at a hearty pub. I love the vocals and the fun song writing! I am going to pour me a beer now actually!”

Mikey Bustos - n/a

“What A Cute Song! This song is what I like. And it is also a duet song. I like the style of the song.”

Paul Selda - n/a

“Good groove in this song, I like that caribian style.”


“good song, not too slow, not too fast!! i think, more needed guitar rythms. sounds cool! yehhhh!”

repictures - n/a

“This reminds me of Pass The Dutchie?”

Splendorleaf - N/A

“Whoa. This is way different from the stuff I usually listen to. But do I like it? Sort of. I love the trombone that comes in.”

ChelsMann - N/A

“I guess this is a comedy song. Are you really English? - no-one is that cockney - are they?”

blob - N/A

“Great vocal accent and tone on both the male and female vocals--very playful and sexual, as are the lyrics. The chorus has a nice hook too it, and it lives up to the verse, simply because the verse is talk-sung.”

AnthonyDini - N/A

“The Clik Cliks doing reggae?”

“Sounding like a musical orgy involving Tim Armstrong and Mike Skinner mate!”

“Dream A Little Dream, which despite the worrying title isn’t a cover version, instead what you get is a pop track with hints of reggae and hip-hop, it’s catchy, fun and very now, how much more of this you could take in one set would be interesting to see though.”

“Not to be confused with a bizarre French woman who plays scary Metal, South London (said Sawf Land’un) musician Mister Jack was previously known as a member of a Punk cover band, The Deviant, that mostly played songs by The Casualties, however is now going alone in this Reggae/Blues/Punk guise.”