Mister Hazelwood / Press

“The Golden Age sounded like a late-Victorian afternoon with the blues, complete with still, silent parlor rooms, lowering clouds and repressed sexual tension. It was an entirely original take on elements that have present in indie Nashville, and the record transcended mere genre-hopping.”

“Attention all music supervisors: here’s your one-man True Blood soundtrack.”

“Hazelwood's gift is for simplicity, but his music is nuanced, crazy and completely arresting.”

“One of the highlights of my year was being asked by Mister Hazelwood to participate in the making of The Golden Age. So often, the process of making a record snuffs out much of the good stuff; not the case here. Mister Hazelwood's original intent is all there: every last haunting, mysterious, unfettered ounce of it. It's an honor to be part of such a beautiful, thoughtful work. ”

“There are certain artists that when you first hear their music you’re not quite sure why you like it. There is just something about it that instantly connects. It takes a few listens but your head finally catches up to what your heart already heard in the first place. This week’s Free Music Friday artist, Mister Hazelwood, is someone whose music instantly connects & after a few listens to his new album “The Golden Age”, you’ll know exactly why.”