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“Heads for '80's West Coast hip-hop will recall Egyptian Empire Records. Although he didn't tell me with which act he recorded on the label best remembered for "Egyptian Lover," Derek "Mista" Taylor found his way from that scene in the Reagan decade to recording hip-hop with his missus, Teresa. The results have little to do with Derek's electro hip-hop past. The tracks the couple uses for _Love, Joy & Pain_ are organic loops replete with loads of piano, bassy funk and a throwback to a simplicity that almost sounds underground. But the Taylors aren't all that cerebral and abstract, as befits indie collegiate rap acts. If Mista isn't celebrating a good day in a cleaner way than Ice Cube has ever seen fit to chronicle ("Sunny Dayz"), he's all about love for Mrs., ("Beautiful") and his grandma who raised, and prayed him into salvation ("I Ain't Going Back"), or simply having fun in the One ("Get Yo Hands Upp!!!"). ”

Jamie Lee Rake - Phantom Tollbooth

“As gospel music artists continue to take their musical ministries to new heights, God continues to bless those that stay true to His message. I was wonderfully surprised when I popped in Mista and Mrs.Taylor’s Love, Joy, and Pain. The album is hip, fresh, and exciting”

“When I heard the previews of just the first 3 tracks I loved it straight away!!..the blend of reggae and rnb..jus hit me right away..the smooth sounds of it,and I love the gospel sound to it too!..you guys sound so good toegther! ...i loved it so much I had to get the album...yall have to get dis cd coz its da bomb!!! and good for your soul!”

Kat - Pure Sounds

“Reviewed by Steve Hayes This tasty album carries on Mista & Mrs Taylor's honest and clear presentation of the Gospel, with a mainly east coast and smooth street edge of which a great example can be found in "10,000". The couple produced 80 per cent of this album as they seek to present and write practical, easy to understand songs. This aim, like their production skills, is something they accomplish with aplomb. "I Tried It All" is an honest journey as Mista Taylor takes us through his life journey of trying everything before finding that Christ "is better" as Mrs Taylor brings the hook.”