Missy Andersen / Press

“One of the most exciting debut recordings I've heard. Missy Andersen is at the beginning of what should be a long and bright career. ”

“This is a CD to listen and calmly enjoy in any time and circumstance, not only for the varied and richness of the musicality, but also for the quality and strength of her voice. Contemporary soul performed with taste and hight technique by an experienced singer of velvety voice. Horn and Hammond arrangements give a powerful intensity and presence to a well done final production that does not include unnecessary effects.”

Vicente P. Zumel - La Hora del Blues

“Missy Andersen sings the blues. Missy has a warm, organic vocal which is as at home singing Delta acoustic as she is with full bore soul shouting. Her phrasing and dynamics are on the money and her selection of material is excellent too. She's keeping it real and preserving the blues for the future generations.”

Dr. Blues - Long Island Blues Society

“One of the truly great voices of our time.”

Peter Merrett - PBS Australia

“Even though Missy Andersen is her first recording, she's had years of experience within which she's developed not only her voice and style, but also the ability to handle the demands of singing a multitude of genres. Oftentimes people who have made a career out of being a back-up singer aren't successful in making the switch to lead. While they may have wonderful voices, they lack the presence required to front a band. It's obvious from listening to Andersen that she's not only paid her dues singing for others; she learned enough to be a front person of power and passion. ”

“Lord have mercy, it's a soul overload!”

Tim Richards - Blues Source

“Missy has a voice that, well, just makes you want to hug her. She just drifts right in there. Soft, sweet, yet powerful, saying what needs to be said in her way. My favorite cuts are “Ace of Spades,” and “I Can’t Stand the Rain.” She has two original cuts and the whole thing just moves. Very tasty when you are hungry for some blues with soul.”

Blue Barry - Smoky Mountain Blues Society