Ms. La / Press

"La, has a sweet smooth sound that is real, refreshing and cool"

E. Arabis Zemill

"La is the lady who can take you on a musical journey that creates magic. I totally endorse Ms La Bell. She is smart, talented and just plain cool!"

Lynne Haze - KRNB 105.7 FM

"Ms. La is what happens if MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, and Erykah Badu were to raise the next queen of Hip Hop. You won't be able to stop listening."

Joshua Smotherman - Middle Tennessee Music.com

"In an industry that has saturated the airwaves with mediocrity and empty lyrics, I am so grateful to have found Ms. La to add to my collection. Almost one year since seeing her perform for the first time, I am still listening to the CD I received that night. To listen to her music is to hear a woman full of passion, and true dedication to sharing her art and continuing to perfect her craft. To see her perform is nothing short of being led through a spiritual journey. This self-proclaimed "Music Snob" not only is a proud listener of Ms. La's music, I am a proud supporter of her gift, and her craft. I strongly suggest all who get the opportunity to meet her do the same.

Allison Burden - Be Still and Move

"With a fine tuned poetic finesse, Ms. La delivers a dose of soulful hip hop that's healthy for the ears and the soul"

Gerardo Reyes

“Ms. La is one of the most refreshing artists I have had the pleasure to meet in my travels as a touring musician. Her music is a unique mix of conscious hip hop and soulful melodies. I would compare her style of singing to the early works of Erykah Badu and on the mic as an emcee, she is as rough and rouged as MC Lyte in her prime!””

Mr. P Chill - Unlimited Sounds Publishing & Distribution, LLC

“Ms. La not only has a unique voice, but also plays the guitar which most artist I've seen locally have not achieved. As a DJ she has a great ear for music. Her lyrics and soulful sound grabbed my attention the first second I heard her voice. Ms. La is definitely ready to take her talent to the next level as a triple threat in the entertainment biz.”

Mr. A.O.C - DJ - COO101.com

"I've had the blessing to witness Ms. La in several settings: the radio host, the performer, the DJ and the person. Her music resonates with such peace and pleasure. Her voice has a mesmerizing and unique tone that compliments her style: smooth, rich, and full of ferocity. She's definitely a jewel to the entertainment scene in Dallas and an even stellar spirit to the community"

Masterpiece - Producer & National Poet - Mind of Masterpiece