Miss Lopez & The Wandering Few / Press

“Miss Lopez and the Wandering Few’s “You Could Be a Real Good Man” is a simple collection of well-written songs, startling in their honesty and straightforwardness. Musically, the record has a sort of timeless folk sound, which is as much a consequence of restrained arrangement choices as it is Lopez’s voice and songwriting. The album’s production style is most notable for its lack of pretension. Arrangements are bare-bones simple, making the moments where an extra melody instrument or backing vocal part comes in carry exponentially more weight. The stark arrangements draw attention to the nuances of Lopez’s vocal performances, which are laudable. The aptly titled “Mandolin Song” is mandolin-led, and also features one of the most memorable melodies on the album. Overall, [the album] is an incredibly worthwhile listen, not only for Lopez’s voice, but for the vibe of the record — it feels nostalgic without feeling dated, sincere without being overexposed.”

“Miss Valeri Lopez takes the hopeless out of romantic. Her voice is natural and has a sincerity that is almost childlike, with notes that please the ear and words that speak to the heart. As powerful as her voice may be her geuinity is even moresoe. She is Believable, Refreshing, fun and free spirited. Dont miss the opportunity to catch her around town and experience Miss Valeri Lopez for yourself.”