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“Laney Jones manages to take a traditional folk and bluegrass instrument and create unique and mindblowingly creative music with it. Its not quite folk, it has hints of pop perhaps, and it rocks like no other. She certainly doesn’t shy away from her love of the instrument, and knows when the voice of it speaks best (occasionally trading it for the sound of a Gibson acoustic). That balance is what set this gal apart and allows her to deliver her music with passion, fervor, and fun…I mean, watching these folks perform is something to behold.”

“There's a sheen to the tracks on her third self-titled album and strings of penetrating hooks ... paired with rootsy instrumentation and Seventies-era flourishes that keeps it from ever ringing too twee. She's the kind of Americana artist who can work equally well on the indie stage of a bluegrass festival as in an iTunes commercial. As for the sonic palate, she's focused on blending that pop sensibility with a wide variety of influences, from country to classic rock.”

“Not everyone who leaves these programs in songwriting, creative writing, composing and the like becomes the Next Big Thing, but every so often one of these schools cranks out a talent like Laney Jones.”

“She may be young but she questions philosophy with both her lyrics and her music with a sophistication usually reserved for veterans of the industry. Tackling relevant subjects like youth and growing up by mixing Millennial viewpoints with a retro sound, Jones manages to craft an album designed for the past, present, and future.”

“This new, sea-changing album, with its expanded outlook and very intentional self-titling, is the sound of a young songwriter just starting to really open up, using her cornerstone influences as springboards rather than goalposts. Where this all goes is still wonderfully open. A voice like hers can go almost anywhere, and that’s what makes her exciting to watch. But whichever way it is, it’ll most likely be up.”

".. one of the hottest acts in Americana music"

“If Courtney Barnett had an extended stay in the US then she may morph into Laney Jones.”

“One of the brightest lights on the Americana music scene today is Laney Jones who, along with her band The Spirits, has brought a dose of youthful energy.”

“Laney Jones is a firecracker on stage. She and her band did not let the small venue impact their show. It was easy to see why critics and other artists have become fans.”

“Bottom Line: Laney Jones will affirm your faith in music again. She is a unique, hardworking Florida based artist that doesn’t need anything handed to her, and knows [her] way around a stage.”

“Folk-Americana singer, Laney Jones was meant for country music, and it was meant for her. Just listen to the track “Broken Hearts” and see if you can imagine her doing anything else. Her voice resembles those of the First Aid Kit girls. So rich and clear, you could cut it with a knife.”

"Her voice is a mixture of lemon, molasses, gin and gun powder..."

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