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Miss Krystle / Press

“Miss Krystle practically puts Wonder Woman to shame.”

“Anthem Review: "Miss Krystle has become a pop icon and motivational leader through her music, lifestyle, and various social causes. Miss Krystle’s clarion voice is only second to the self-empowering lyrics of her new single, DUKES UP.”

“Q: In the video, you wear a blue bikini with some memorable white raver-boots. What was the inspiration behind that outfit? A: The blue outfit was a frankensteined-tribute to my pageant days with the Miss American organization. The contrast between standards for women wearing something skimpy for a pageant, versus a music video are funny and contradictory sometimes. The blue bikini was the exact-same bikini I wore when I competed for that reason… and as for the shoes, well, that’s just a tribute to my ever-lasting love for Marilyn Manson and his legacy on pop culture. Finally, the blue faux jacket ties back to Snoop. Gotta love Snoop!”

“The single delivers hard beats and some great vocals with a genuine pop feel. Add to that a great hook and Swear, the first single from Miss Krystle‘s new album Woman In Motion. The album promises a real mix of pop tracks and some bangers with Miss Krystle exploring deeper and harder vocals.”

“Krystle Delgado paid for college by competing in beauty pageants. She was Miss Palo Verde and Miss Sonoran Desert, titles she dutifully carried from the end of one contest until the beginning of the next year's. But as an artist, she didn't want to have anyone else's reputation or legacy on her shoulders — hence her name, Miss Krystle.”

“Successful lawyer by day, prominent pop artist by night and compassionate philanthropist in between — this ASU grad makes the rest of us look like slackers.”

"Delgado’s favorite part about being a lawyer is the interactions she gets to have with her clients. She likes providing her clients with the best deal possible; Delgado takes pride in knowing she is able to make a positive impact on the lives of independent artists."

“With the aid of Miss Krystle’s vocals, KJ’s creation is sure to send dance floors into a frenzy. Miss Krystle’s chopped up lyrics provide the perfect respite to KJ’s powerful live recorded drum breaks, which are even more outstanding in person.”

"KJ Sawka knows and understands the ins and outs of dubstep and just the right amount of modulation to have you head banging while Miss Krystle lifts your spirits with her heavenly sound. The two combined, it’s a lot for your brain to comprehend, but I made it out alive and for the better, I know you can too."

““Even pop music has its roots in classical music. If anything, [my] classical background has given me the knowledge and the know-how to be able to communicate with other musicians and be a better producer,” Miss Krystle said. “It’s been a challenge because I have a natural attraction to darker-sounding music and darker themes, so for a while I was very anti-pop music. When I took the time to understand what it takes to write catchy pop songs that people can relate to and that just makes them feel good, I realized what an incredible challenge it was..."”

“Q: What has been your biggest challenge as an artist? A: Keeping motivated. The process of creating and feeling inspired is one of the greatest feelings, and it’s a high that I constantly chase. There are times I begin experiencing creative death, and during those times, the biggest challenge is to just keep going.”

“What do you get when you mix a little bit of Katy Perry and a little bit of Evanescence? The vocal stylings of a bright new star in the electronic pop galaxy named Miss Krystle.”

“Looks like Jessica Rabbit. Sounds like Katy Perry. Voice like Evanescence. Miss Krystle also produces her own music, however the production we are premiering today was done by producer/drummer, KJ Sawka.”

“Miss Krystle has no problem holding her own on stage, thanks to operatic vocal chops and bright red hair that's as fiery as her personality.”

"I want [listeners] to react and feel the emotion and power that I felt when I was writing and recording these songs," she continues. "I want them to genuinely form that connection with me because that's the point of my music. I'm definitely a process-obsessed person. I love what I do. I want to do it every single day."

"The music video treatment was more about the interplay of the different worlds I live in, and how in one context I can be perceived as erratic, theatrical and outrageous, and elsewhere perceived as reserved and gentle. Both are honest representations of my personality. Tying the two together, I guess you could say the music video is about how I perceive others perceiving me, and focused on one specific experience."

"There's nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself. If people are going to respect a girl in a bikini on stage with a crown on her head, why can't they respect a girl in a bikini with a microphone in her hand?"

“What's important to me is that what I put out for my fans is honest.”

“Q: Tell me a little about yourself… A: I am a self-managed performance artist, and I live for my art and beautiful fans. My fans mean the world to me, and I do everything with them in mind. I have never waited for success. I feel successful now because I am living my dream, and enjoying every minute of it! I feel amazed, inspired, and humbled by those who support me, and refuse to ever let them down.”

"The inspiration for this music video came from the dichotomy of my recent experiences as a law student and musician. The overall theme is my refusal to be labeled. "Lace and a pretty face, it's what he wants, right? If you want a star, then I am not your lady." No one gets to set the standard for who I am, or who I ought to be."

“A powerful performance and intense atmosphere”

“I saw the [Run] music video debut at the SCC film festival... [it] won a couple awards. Very cool :)”

“The cinematography is nothing less than perfection. The artist and song are beautiful, and I have been stuck listening to this song over and over because I cannot get enough.”

“OMG she's soo good”

“GREAT!! Perfect song, perfect production! VERY impressive! Keep up the outstanding work.”

“While the official release of Run isn't until Tuesday, August 16, you can check out Miss Krystle's new track, "I Don't Cry," along with lyrics, after the jump. Miss Krystle says, "I was in the middle of studying for a law school mid-term, and all of a sudden the inspiration flooded over me. I stopped everything I was doing, and immediately went and wrote this song. I recorded the vocals to this song in one take, and must say that it is one of the most organic songs off the new album."”