Miss Jubilee / Press

"I was given the pleasure of seeing this band recently at the Casa Loma Ballroom along with Pokey LaFarge. The sound was a terrific modern interpretation of the swing era. Individual energy and style were fused with the elegance of the standards being played. The dancers made it easy to see that Miss Jubilee can move an audience. Joining her on stage was a combo called Swing set. They also had a killer sound and played some brilliant solos. I was baffled by the finger-style guitar technique from the bass player who doubled on nylon 6 string for a few tunes."

"Replete with a groovy stand-up bass, consonant vocal harmonies, mixolydian-scale bebop guitar solos over classic blues piano progressions, and pompadour hairstyles, Miss Jubilee & the Humdingers are a welcome blast from the past."