Mission Zero / Press

"Intense and melodic, People in Glass Yachts yields facets of darkness and brightness simultaneously. Each track finds a way to pulse and throb, layered with rhythm and cadence."

"...Mind-blowing, electronic-driven synth-pop... People in Glass Yachts is not your typical, run-of-the-mill synth-pop album [but] more of a compilation of songs that displays the wild and creative imagination of the Keiths."

"...An avant-garde dance pop aesthetic of the 1980s... coupled with the punk passion of this century’s new wave revivalists... an exploration of trip-hop and dream pop"

"The music they make is unusually wide-ranging..."Sky Candy" is vibey and sexy, with a bass line that wants to grab your hips and make them roll. “Humans” is also vibey, but in a different way; trance-inducing and heart-swelling, Chenot sounds like a more melodically interesting and disciplined version of Björk guesting on a Massive Attack song. On the other end is the upbeat buildup track “12345678!,” which David drives forward via an insatiable and catchy drum beat, with a neat vocal arrangement that both of them get to chew on."


“New Haven's Mission Zero Fuse Electronic and Acoustic in Their Edgy Pop Blend”

"Your new favorite band. The brother/sister electro-pop group is a showstopper... with powerful lyrics and danceable beats."

"Anyone who is a fan of the boy/girl duo movement being populated by Cults, Matt and Kim, Sleigh Bells, or going as far back as The Eurythmics, would be well off adding Bruises on the Map to their collection and checking the duo out when they blow into town."