Fawn Eyes Mourning Dove Lunde-Clements / Press

“The only universal languages in the world are love and music. I give credit to our loving creator for the music/gift. I find inspiration in nature and children's eyes, animals, experiences in life both good and bad. There is so much a person can utilize in music, a message , an expression, a emotion, or an intention. I have spent much of my life raising my children and now that I am a half century old, It is time for me to place the music created and composed by me and my guitar , into the public's hands, hearts and spirits. I am not the run of the mill kinda performer and songwriter; I have no desire to be upon a platform or in the lime light, i am comfortable by a campfire or just jammin' in my jama's in the livingroom, then calling friends and asking them"so, what did ya think of that?":) I may be just a small fish swimming amongst all of the big fish, but i like it that way:) I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason n what it will become. peace n love n give hugz:)”