Misay Day / Press

"[Wetlands] has a sweet tension to it like the feeling before an orgasm, very sweet, tight and yet tense too."

Larry Dvoskin - Life is Strange

"Yes, the simplicity described in the brief presentation of Misay Day found on their Facebook page is for me a pleasant medicine tonic. From the first song, the marvelous "Southside", two simple chords, a recording discreet yet surrounded by warmth and immense humanity. Few elements, a ukulele, a guitar, a rhythm simply laid and the intensely passionate voice of Kate Robberson. I would be willing to turn off any electronic device for a few days and sit next to Misay Day and enjoy their candid authenticity. Yes, folk, Texas, lo-fi and precious inaccuracies ... a refreshing shower that cleans million of megabytes of cold and impersonal electronics. Folk lopsided, hippy-folk with un-tucked shirts, beards and long, messy hair. Perfumes from the seventies giving me joy and amazement. Misay Day has a secret room full of instruments used and improvised with which color their imperfect and melancholic compositions of special colors. Love at first sight."