Miranda Dodson / Press

"Lovely Songs"

Robin Hilton - NPR All Songs Considered

"Where did she come from?! Very excited to tell others about her!"

David Brown [Texas Music Matters] - KUT 90.5

"Miranda Dodson is a breath of fresh Texas air. Not in terms of what most might think when you think "Texas", but fresh air like what those of us born here thank our lucky stars for every time we return - Pure and clean with all the aromas of natural surroundings yet unspoiled. That's Miranda's voice. Her ideas and her song-writing are equally captivating - honest, straight forward and intelligently down to earth. Miranda is the real thing. She shows a true pioneering spirit in her vocal gift and her song-writing craft that will keep her career shooting upward for a long time to come."

Laura Mordecai - BBA Management & Booking

"There is a pure quality to her voice that reaches out and grabs the listener...Her vocal range and technical abilities allow her to present all styles of music effortlessly. Don't miss an opportunity to hear this gifted young lady..."

Carlton Dillard-Pastor of Creative Arts Riverbend Church Austin - Peer Comments

"Miranda's voice has an incredible musical quality that inspires musicians like myself to reach her level of creativity. Like any talented songwriter, her tunes are constantly improving and expanding stylistically."

Joshua Zarbo-Bassist (Spoon, John Vanderslice, Annabella) - Peer Comments

"From what I saw of Miranda Dodson's set at Momo's Club...I want to see more"