Mipso / Press

“Their name and their sound defies typical definition, yet their harmonies and lyrics are synonymous with many bluegrass acts of the past.”

“The album is reminiscent of Nickel Creek in many ways, with the way they handle the balance between indie pop and contemporary bluegrass. Then there are songs that are straight-up old school country ("Louise," "Red Eye to Raleigh"). It's a sweet mix, and I'll definitely listen again.”

Kim Ruehl - No Depression

“Though Mipso certainly resonates with a youthful audience, the crowd was a mix of old, young and even babies napping in the arms of their grandparents.”

Gabe Pollack - The Guilfordian

“With Dark Holler Pop, Mipso has put their own stamp on a genre, a “sound”, that’s come to describe North Carolina.”

Brand New Kind Of

“Mipso selects and refines elements of current musical styles while enthusiastically embracing string band heritage.”

Sarah Hall - Salisbury Post

“Mipso delivers fresh-faced progressive bluegrass with an over-gloss of sunny pop.”

Jedd Ferris - Asheville Citizen Times

“Whether it's the hopeful but likely doomed romantic reunion suggested in "Red Eye to Raleigh" or the mortality realization of "When I'm Gone," that sense of looking forward populates most every setting and scene in Dark Holler Pop. Lovers hit the road searching for new starts, country protagonists fantasize about city adventures, and innocent narrators dip into Mexico for trysts and tequila.”

Grayson Haver Curin - Indy Week

“Yet, songs like Dark Holler Pop opener "A Couple Acres Greener" consciously fuse indie pop and traditional elements; the track rides an almost neo-soul bass groove through the verse before striking out for bluegrass territory on a banjo-heavy chorus.”

Corbie Hill - Creative Loafing

“It may be Mipso's flexibility, its ability to adapt to changing situations, that's led to this band's startling musical growth. In a rambunctious Beijing nightclub, at a bluegrass festival in the hills above Osaka, or in a Chapel Hill studio, these friends seem most at ease when they're served a curveball. And if the excellence that is Dark Holler Pop is any indication, it's helped them become more aware as performers and more purposeful as songwriters.”

Corbie Hill - Creative Loafing

“Holding on to a traditional Carolina bluegrass base, but, much like Chatham County Line, infusing poppy vocals, the band made up of Jacob Sharp on mandolin, Joseph Terrell on guitar, and Wood Robinson on double bass has put out a damn fine album.”

Garland Harwood - Grass Clippings

“They hit Sunday morning harmonies, and it was beautiful. But I had to laugh. It’s this line. It kills me: They say to trust in science for what the body needs So sign me up for experimental laparoscopic cardiology.”

Jeri Rowe - Greensboro News & Record

"Mipso is Chapel Hill's hottest new harmonizing, song-writing, string-playing folk group...their new-school, bluegrassy, unmistakably sweet North Carolina sound has built a devoted following around the Triangle..."

O'Henry Magazine

"Any crowd will find it difficult to resist their distinct North Carolina feel... You might feel like you’re listening on your front porch – that is, if you had friends who could sing in seemingly effortless three-part harmony."

Salisbury Post

"Mipso manages to push the boundaries of traditional bluegrass while continuing to stay true to some of the genres staple characteristics."

Resound Magazine

"Mipso's Buddy Holly-like take on the Avett Brothers' style makes for feel-good, catchy tunes."

The Independent Weekly