Minutes / Press

“Minutes are fun, exciting, loud, and make unique punk rock music. Their self-titled LP is one of the best Michigan full-length releases so far this year.”

“Who says “punk” means bumming people out, or being disingenuously existential or misanthropic. There’s more than one way to be iconoclastic - and Minutes shows that you can do it with some sweet melody.”

“It’s probably safe to say that the eponymously titled record blew all expectations out of the water.”

“Theirs are complex, high-energy songs, with sometimes dark lyrics but never a dark mood.”

“They are rowdy and rambunctious, but they accomplish the goal of bringing the listener quality music without adding so much polish that they are blinded by the glare.”

“Quite frankly, I’m almost rendered speechless when trying to come up with ways to describe how much I love this record.”

“They're that best mix of "what the hell?" and "oh gotcha" in rock right now... Minutes really deserve your time. See what I did there?”

“They go on to describe clutters of wires, telephone poles adorned with countless staples from posters hung for shows years gone and you realize this is a band of loyalists who haven’t given up the faith.”

“MINUTES don’t waste a second of their first full-length. The four-piece of Kalamazoo rock veterans Chafe Hensley, Mark Larmee, Ike Turner, and Ryan Nelson have years of experience, and now, older and wiser, they play like they have nothing to prove. Or lose.”

“Kalamazoo, MI based punk rockers thunder into Album of the Year contention.”

“The word from their Quenchers show was that Minutes was positively unfuckwithable, and I can see why as I listen to the new self-titled record.”

“We stepped out of the car, and my roommate starts puking up Checkers and rum & cokes all over the parking lot.”