Minus 9 / Press

“Minus 9 took the Yellow Tail Art Stage, at Mayfest this year, getting what was my opinion the best stage as it was just past the entrance for all to hear. My focus was to not only see the band but to get a short review from it, as I haven’t done one in a while and this was the perfect opportunity to just relax and observe, with no anxiety or stress of everything else. And they succeeded at drawing the crowd of people coming and going. Filling the two sets of bleachers and keeping them full as people rotated out. They had the little kids ,probably 4-5 years old, running in circles to the music. I was waiting for them to bust out a mosh-pit when I saw them start running circles. haha. Their mix of alternative rock kept the mixed crowd pleased. Great job, To the guys on your slot at “mayfart”. LOL. Perfect time slot as well, just as the breeze started blowing. Love the way the crowd of mixed people young and old were able to participate in the songs and the energy you gave th”

“These guys put on a smokin performace! Cant wait to see them again!”

Aulora - Shooting Star Productions