Minor Birds / Press

"There is nothing sweeter than the pure, honest music, that runs deep into your soul. When you have the pleasure of hearing The Minor Birds, a duo based in Oakland, the chaotic world around you melts away, if only for a few minutes."

Our City Radio

“It's not that Joel Wilde's groaning stand-up bass and Chelsea Wilde's guitar and keyboard riffs were hypnotic in their simplicity. It's more that, between the indigo melodies, the disquieting lyrics and Chelsea Wilde's swooning, somber wail, this set felt charged with a certain fraught intimacy. This was music for dark nights of the soul.”

“You NEED to check out Minor Birds, they're INCREDIBLE. Wonderfully solemn, haunting, reverb-laden female vocals with guitar looping, bowed upright bass, piano, and acoustic guitar as well. Another one of the best tours we've had hit 7th Circle to date. Check it out if you can!”

Aaron Saye - 7th Circle Music Collective

“Minor Birds is nothing but major. Eerie crystal clear vocals plus big beats coupled with layers of creativity. Only a few major artists mirror this sound; however, we will not mention them. This group is in a class by itself. This type of artistry is poised to be the backdrop of a 007 film. MB's seductive sound has earned a spot on our 360 Watch List.”

360 Magazine

“Chelsea, member of the duo Minor Birds from Twain Harte in California, sent in their debut LP teaser late on Sunday night (just before the Grammy’s I guess) and caught my ears straight away. Been hooked on the track “Double Or Nothing” ever since. It’s from the upcoming album “Hold Back All My Dark” set to be released at the end of the month. What struck me is the attention to details the pair puts in their gig posters LOVE THEM, reminds me of the ol’ times with the White Stripes and their Rob Jones posters…”