Mini Thin / Press

“Mini Thin has 5 Singles off his debut album on multiple FM Radio stations”

WCIR 103.7

“Mini Thin featured in "Hick Hop" article in WV South Magazine! "artist to watch"”

Shrewsberry - WV South Magazine

“Mini Thin's Recovery Song "Breaking Down" sends some fans directly to drug and alcohol rehab!”

FB Arizona

“Mini Thin's "Country Roads" wins song of the year in WV for most requests and radio spins beating out Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne, Aerosmith, Pink, Nicki Minaj and all other major label artists!”

Rick Rizer - WCIR 103.7 radio stats

“Mini Thin's Country Roads Remix named #1 song of the year over taylor swift, rhianna, justin beiber, eminem and flo rida”

Rick Rizer - WCIR 103.7

“That Mini Thin kid is sick! -DMX-”


“Mini Thin named Top 50 White MC's to ever live!”

Jermain Willis

“Mini Thin's Coal Miners Lullaby is the #1 Independent song in WV history. He's out requested Drake, Adele and Jason Aldean for 4 months straight”

Rick Rizor - 103.7 CIR

“Mini Thin named top 25 independent artist in the country.”

“Hillbilly Hustle album out in 2012 Featuring: Haystak, Canibus, Copywrite, Lil Wyte, Brotha Lynch Hung & More!”


“Mini Thin Wins Roc-A-Fella Records MC Battle Championship”

-WTOV 9 News-

“Mini Thin named artist of the month by WV Band Scene”

"Mini Thin's "Respect Mine" freestyle is a personal favorite, with lines like: "I got a PHD Intellect smart to haunt ya / up down left right B A select start like contra" leave me wide open!"