“Oh Yea..Your destiny is waiting!!! Fantastic, Every song has its own energies and vibe. The talent is noticed at every instrument and it's members are definetly working together in the right direction, in short (it kicks ass)!”

Mark Hobart - Detroit reveiws!

“This Sunday on The Tiny & Plankman Show on TAPDETROIT.com, I am going to tell you just how BAD-ASS the new Mindrought CD is and why it might just the greatest local band disc I have ever heard.”

TINY - Tap Detroit

“The new stuff sounds just as good as anyone out there right now! Allen Beck "SLAYER" ”


“Ive followed Mindrought for over 12 years now, "RESOLUTION" is the best thing they have done in their entire career... They have answered ALL the questions with this release. ”

Ryan Lapointe - HEAR MAGAZINE

"Slayer has been trying to drag you in here for over a year now..." "...of course you must know by now that your one of our favorite bands. If there were a top 10 on MotorCityRiffs you'd be right up there with the top 5 obviously..." ~Doug Podell~